Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mein Vater War ein Wandersmann . . .

Wow, it's been awhile! I guess that just means that I have had nothing of great excitement to report. May was a pretty busy month for me and my little corner of the world, but June definitely calmed down as the weather heated up. Not to say I'm complaining that it's finally warm on a regular basis, but I'm a lot more okay with it now than I was a week ago before our a/c unit was put in. But now it's in and the house is bearable once more. Yay!

This week is going to be a hard week to get through for one simple reason: Esther and I are trying to go an entire week without eating Hint of Lime Tostitos! And it's so hard! She asked me last night if we had just agreed not to buy them, because that would have created a wonderful loophole, but I had to be honest and say that we, in fact, said that we would not eat them. Those Hint of Limes are our downfall. We go through a bag within about a day if left to our own devices. Bad! But we've managed three days without them; I'm sure we can make it. At least, I sure hope we can!

Friday night, Esther, Becky, and I hiked Y Mountain. I haven't done that in about four years (woah . . . really? yeah!), and the last time I did (the only time i did), my altitude sickness kicked in with a vengeance. Yuck. However, I didn't even feel dizzy this time around! It's not a very long hike, and it probably is wimpy for me to rejoice that I made it, but it's a steep hike and not overly pleasant, and I was glad that I didn't get sick or grumpy (esther and becky can attest to that fact). We went after dark, so it was kind of neat to see the lights of the valley below us.

On Saturday, we three and Whitney headed out the canyon for a picnic at South Fork park, and that was a nice afternoon once we got there (i couldn't believe that people were refusing to go the speed limit; i was hungry!). There were some big groups around, but we made our own little place until that got too hot (which happened very quickly), and then we moved into some shade, which made us happy. Well, Esther decided we were wimpy and continued to read her book in the sun, but Becky, Whitney, and I stayed in the shade while Becky experimented with her camera functions. She succeeded in taking a picture of me that has been described as "hot" and "like a vogue picture". Not sure if that's totally a good thing, but that was kind of cool to get that kind of a response out of a picture of me!

Other than that, life is pretty much the same. I "come home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk and go to bed." (well, maybe not the beers bit, but the other stuff is pretty much true) (thanks to Rowlf the Dog for the quote) Maybe July will pick up and I'll have more exciting events to report. Maybe I'll even go on a date! Oh, heavens, what a concept.

Today's quote of the day: "I talk a lot, but I don't necessarily always have something to say." -Me (think about it)

With affection and alliteration,