Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Before the last couple of weeks, I hadn't watched the Olympics so much since the Salt Lake Games ten years ago. (goodness, it was over ten years ago!) I have to say, I was one of the people who was truly annoyed with the NBC coverage, but I didn't really have another alternative, so NBC and I spent some evenings together.

I am constantly amazed by human beings. As I sit and watch TV, there are people out there stretching their limits and seeing just how far these amazing bodies can go! I'm very glad that I had a childhood instead of a gymnastics career (that would be over long before i reached the age i am now), but wow!!!

I loved cheering on gymnast Gabby Douglas in her all-around gold, to say nothing of seeing the U.S. team gold performance. I loved watching the people who were truly thrilled to win silver or bronze, because I couldn't help but be a little bit annoyed at those who cried over getting the silver medal at the FREAKING OLYMPICS. (good example of happy silver/bronzers: Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells in the 100 m hurdles.) I loved watching South Africa's Oscar Pistorius historic runs, mainly because I would fall down just walking on those prosthetic legs, and he RUNS on them! And FAST! I loved seeing Missy Franklin's enormous grin, the parents in the stands, and just the sheer awesomeness of these Games.

I'll tell you the most underwhelming part of the Games for me: the Opening and Closing ceremonies. I think my over-all impression of them was that they were a rock concert catering to a very specific demographic, and how many people were going to truly enjoy them? There were definitely highlights: The James Bond opening, Rowan Atkinson, giant Voldemort, Eric Idle, Glen discovering that I can sing along to the Spice Girls . . . but in hindsight I'm not sure that it was worth it for me to watch them because on the whole, I didn't enjoy them. That's kind of sad. I'm sure plenty of people did, though, so good on them. (were the ceremonies this long before they were televised? just curious.)

Certain images of past Olympics stick with me: Kerri Strug's final vault in Atlanta, bringing in the American flag from Ground Zero during the Salt Lake Opening ceremony, Michael Phelps' eighth gold medal in Beijing. What will stick with me from this one? Only time will tell.


"Finishing second in Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion." -Richard Nixon

Light My Fire

In the spring, Glen and I made "plans" to go camping this summer. It did not happen. There probably were a couple of weekends that we could have gone, but those were also the same weekends that there was major smoke in the air thanks to all the wildfires. Nothing ever came really near us, thank goodness, but I had no desire to head outside and deliberately breathe it in.

So a few weeks ago, Glen and I decided that, darn it all, we were going to camp this weekend. He requested time off at the ropes course (where he's been interning this summer) so that we would be sure to have a Friday night-to-Saturday morning/afternoon free, and it was going to work out.

Enter Education Week and basically-mandatory set-up for Glen. Goodbye, camping plans. Stupid Education Week.

Enter phone call with my mom expressing my disappointment. Enter brilliant Mom, who made an off-handed remark about camping indoors. I don't think she expected me to take her seriously, but I thought it was a great plan. Thanks, Mom!

I had no idea if our tent would actually fit in the living room, so I didn't even bother with it and instead hung up sheets (which glen informed me was probably harder than actually setting up the tent . . . i would agree with him on that score). I visited the library to get "scary story" books (to read by flashlight) and some sound effects cd's so that we would hear wolves howl in the distance (which i was really excited to find), and I am proud to say that I truly surprised Glen. I had told him I was planning our date and it would be at home, but he had no idea what to expect when I pulled him out of exile (our bedroom). Yay!

The set-up

Glen and the local "wildlife" -- I had also put out a couple of bears for us to not feed.

I was also proud of my faux fireplace.

 Glen "roasts" his hot dogs.

The night was not entirely without technology and use of our kitchen, but it was a silly success, nonetheless. (even if we didn't make the s'mores until the next evening.)


"A husband is like a fire, he goes out when unattended." -Evan Esar

Sweet Home Oregon-a

Let's play catch-up!

Last month, Glen and I headed up to Oregon, yay! My mom had what she termed a "hare-brained scheme" and pitched the idea to me of us taking my oldest niece and nephew with us, an idea that I took some time to say yes to, but I said yes nevertheless, and we had some company on our drive up and throughout the week. Actually, it was another family-filled week in Oregon, anyway, because my cousin Steve got married (hooray!), and a Kelly wedding always means LOTS of Kellys!

Highlights of the trip were:

1. The beach. We went there for the first couple of days we were around, and despite Mom's horror at the fact that it was so windy, it was a nice get-away. We made a stop in Newport and ate at the original Mo's (where glen fell in love with clam strips), walked around the waterfront shops, and stopped at a public pier to watch some locals crabbing (but not at each other, bahahahaha!!!) . The rest of the time was spent in Lincoln City, chilling out and tracking sand in the house.

2. The wedding. I was pretty excited to be in attendance at a wedding at which I was not the bride, and we had a good time with the fam. Glen had his first introduction to Kelly Brown ice cream (verdict: he preferred the dark! do i know how to pick 'em?) at Tom and Tracy's, I finally got to meet Graham, my newest nephew, who was so chill that I had a hard time relinquishing my hold on him, and the locale of Steve and Christine's reception was absolutely GORGEOUS! Out in farm/vineyard territory, and while I had a blast at my own wedding reception, I did envy them the view. (so did dad.) Congrats, you two!

3. Elephant ears at the Oregon zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo in MANY years, so I was all for making the trek there, and fortunately Glen was game. And the instant I spotted the elephant ear stand, my day was made. Of course, we went to the zoo while several of the animals were napping -- story of my life --, but it was a good walk, and we enjoyed seeing the animals that did appear.

4. Rose garden. It's a law written on my heart for me to make a stop there, and when I took Glen there last year, the weather had been so unaccommodating that the roses weren't out yet (in june!). So I needed to make up for it. This year came through. So beautiful. I love that place.

5. Seeing Kate. Because of family being around, the beach, and the wedding, I really had a lot less time than I initially thought we would to just hang out and meet up with any of my Oregon pals, but at least I saw one of them while I was there.

6. Swimming at the Silliman's. Some friends of my folks were gracious enough to allow us the use of their pool on our last afternoon, and it was just fun. The Swensons showed up, too, so we had a good time watching/participating in (megan watched, glen participated) the little competitions that sprang up once they arrived.

7. Every single person asking me how I was feeling. I made the big general facebook announcement about our little bundle of joy just a couple days before we left for Oregon, and I'm pretty certain every relative asked me how I was feeling. Dad joked that I should put my answers on a nametag: "Hello, my name is Megan, I am pregnant, and I've actually been feeling very good." But these are all people I love, and I didn't mind telling each and every one of them that I've had a pretty decent-feeling pregnancy . . . so far.

(In fact, I think the baby really enjoyed Oregon. I was feeling great the entire time we were there, and the first week we were back in Utah, I felt sick. I feel your pain, baby. Really.)

Oh, Oregon. I love you. And I miss you already.


"Home is where the heart is, so your real home's in your chest." -Captain Hammer