Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bring It Down; It's Too High . . . Much Too High!

And more adventures in hiking. I can't believe I have hiked the Y so much this year. It's not really a hike I particularly enjoy, but hey, a hike is a hike, I guess. This time around, though, Esther and I didn't just hike to the Y, we hiked above and beyond the Y. Yeeha! We really had no idea where we were going, so it was more like a "walk until you want to stop" kind of deal, but when we got around the side of the mountain, it was really pretty. Fall colors galore! Both Esther and I haven't done a lot of regular exercise since our respective vacations earlier this month, so we were both struggling a bit on the regular Y trail, but once we got past the Y, it was pretty decent. So . . . maybe that's the last time I'll hike the Y this year. But I keep getting proved wrong about that. After exerting ourselves so relentlessly (ha!), we decided we deserved a dinner out, so we went to Macaroni Grill that night as a reward. Hooray for food!

Us at the Y and then the rocks beyond.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same as ever. I sang in church on Sunday with a guy in my ward. Got rave reviews for that, teehee. We also had our ward talent show on Monday night, and I got a pretty good glare from Bishop Lunt when he saw that my name wasn't on the program. I wasn't that fussed, honestly. (Obviously; it had been my choice not to sign up for it.) Besides, the show was long enough without me in it. However, there were a lot of good acts, and it was a good night. Although I will never think of "Bring Him Home" the same way ever again after seeing Will perform it like a Christmas ham. I thought he was going to severely injure Dallin, who did an amazing job of being his dead prop. And I thought "Forbidden Broadway" had ruined my perception of "Les Mis". Any credibility it still may have had in my head disappeared Monday night.

In other news, I am getting increasingly distressed about Jim and Pam. Is she ever coming back to Scranton? Inquiring minds want to know. Last week, my awesome sister-in-law, Lisa, sent me the digitized version of Dwight that Pam sent Jim in the season opener, and it totally made my day (especially since she addressed it to me from Pam Beesly, which really intrigued my roommate Becky when she retrieved the mail that day). But my happiness from the season premiere has very much dissipated because I'm sick of Pam being in New York. Bring her home! (Oh, my gosh, that wasn't meant to be at all related to the above paragraph, but I suppose it's appropriate . . . minor guffaw coming from Megan right now.) Repeat after me: "They are fictional, they are fictional. . . "

"Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing." - Sir Ralph Richardson


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Memories Light the Corner of My Mind

This is another "tagged" thing, but I thought it was kind of fun, anyway. So the life of Megan in five-year increments, as far as I can remember.

Twenty Years Ago:

I was four, had the birthday party at Farrell’s, which my family will never ever let me forget because I was supposedly being a brat. Started preschool at Beaverton Christian and was about a head taller than everybody else in the class, which was only the beginning of several years of that torture. Loved dress-up, Barbie, My Little Pony, and Popples. Started ballet. That was cool.

Fifteen Years Ago:

I was nine, in fourth grade with Mrs. Caudle at Greenway Elementary. Best friend Emily had moved to California earlier that year, so I had to make new “best friends”, Maura and Sylvia. Was bribed by Mrs. Caudle with Ghirardelli’s chocolate to speak quieter in class (thus began the chocolate cravings). Started playing soccer and was always stuck playing goalie. Still in ballet at this point (weird). Still taller than everybody my age.

Ten Years Ago:

Fourteen, freshman (and only) year at Beaverton High School. Ended up reuniting with previously mentioned soccer teammates who all went to a different middle school, including Melissa, who became one of my best high school friends. Took private voice and piano lessons, loved seminary (with brother Tom falling asleep in the back of the room) with crazy Bro. Jansen. Was coerced into being in three of the four choirs (originally only thought I’d be in one) by Mr. Brownell, who left me in charge . . . a lot (something that continued through the rest of high school, even at a different school). Still tall, but several boys my age finally started passing me, even though I still had a couple inches to go.

Five Years Ago:

Nineteen, sophomore year of college at BYU, first year of several living in Centennial apartments. Finally figured out my major, switching from English to English Language, thanks to an awesome professor, Dr. Eggington. Second year of singing first soprano in Women’s Chorus. First college boyfriend, Mike (who was two inches shorter than me). Constantly over at Carol’s place to escape my own apartment. Still tall, and have definitely stopped growing.

One Year Ago:

Just graduated, still living in Provo for some reason. Finally moved out of Centennial, looking for grown-up work and not succeeding one bit. Always hanging out with Esther and Becky (which is different from now how?). Went home for Mom’s piano recital that was intensely awesome, sang and goofed around with Hayley and Jenna in WG 11. Still tall. Still loving it.

And another photo for your viewing pleasure: Megan at age 16.

"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." -Albert Schweitzer


Monday, October 20, 2008

That's His Name - - Henry Jones, Jr.!

So the other night, Esther and I were at Kelly and Jeremie's place, hats were being discussed, and Kelly brought out his "Indiana Jones" hat, which he promptly placed on my head because I was wearing brown. He then decided that I looked really cool with it, so he brought out the camera for the precious Kodak moment. So here they are--proof that Megan can pull off hats . . . as long as they belong to other people.

Also went on a drive yesterday with Esther up the canyon, saw the leaves. Very pretty. Made me happy. The week has started out very slow, but hopefully it will pick up. We shall see.

"You were named after the dog?" -Sallah, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Eight Day!

All right, I made the mistake of actually reading my brother’s and sister-in-law’s blog and I was tagged. So read on, all ye who enter here:

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

1. The Office—it’s awesome. That’s all there is to it.
2. The Muppet Show—it may be about thirty years old, but I will always love it.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer—totally stupid, but there are some truly hilarious episodes.
4. Ugly Betty—what girl doesn’t feel like a fish out of water, really?
5. Home Improvement—classic Jensen family show.
6. Gilmore Girls—fantastic dialog.
7. Good Eats—Alton Brown is crazy smart and weird.
8. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman—maybe this is another nostalgia-type show, as many others listed, but I still enjoy it.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1. Went to work. Blech. Boring day.
2. Went to Macy’s and laughed out loud at the orange sectional that looks exactly like the old orange chair from my grandparents’ house.
3. Bought a straightener that works freakishly well.
4. Mommy called. Yay!
5. Took Esther to the temple and completely missed the entrance. Oops!
6. Watched The Empire Strikes Back and was reminded of how awesome Yoda is.
7. Gave a silly concert to no one while I did the dishes. Ah, dumb novelty songs.
8. Stayed up chatting and laughing with Esther for about half an hour longer than I should have.

8 Favorite Places to Eat:

1. Carabbas—Italian grill. It’s excessively yummy. The food served there, not the actual restaurant. I've eaten there on my birthday for the last . . . five years.
2. Thai Ruby—Obviously, it’s a Thai restaurant. It’s in Provo. I’m going there on Saturday. Yay!
3. Tucanos—All-you-can-eat Brazilian meat! So expensive, but so good for a carnivorous being like me.
4. Mos—that had to go in there as a shout-out to Oregon and the Jensens.
5. Applebees—simply because I went there at least three or four times in the course of the summer.
6. My home—at least, when I’ve made something scrumptious, which doesn’t happen too often.
7. California Pizza Kitchen—they’ve got some crazy good pizzas there.
8. The Bombay House—only been there once, which I find sad, but I loved it.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. Going to sleep tonight.
2. Brett’s wedding—family gatherings are always good.
3. Going home again for Christmas.
4. Thai Ruby on Saturday with Becky.
5. My “free Friday” night with Esther tomorrow.
6. Stopping the stupid weight fluctuation I’ve been going through.
7. Finding a man. Y’all know that was going to make the list somehow.
8. Finding a job that I don’t want to kill half of my co-workers.

8 Things on My Wish List:

1. A down comforter. I need something to keep me warm on those cold winter nights. ;)
2. A trip to Germany and England, if not to most of Europe.
3. A man. (Again, it had to manifest itself—I couldn’t help it!)
4. A Steinway Grand. Doesn’t have to be 9 feet.
5. A presidential candidate that doesn’t fall under the category of “the lesser of two evils”.
6. More patience. I need it. Now! (That was supposed to be ironic. Did it work?)
7. Hair that doesn’t split at the ends.
8. To see my family more often than I do. All of them. They’re really great.

8 people to tag? Nah, I’m not going to do that. I’m not sure eight people even read this. Maybe five. Anyway, readers, you can do this if you want, but I am not naming names, like Lisa did. Although, I did have to think quite a bit about the things on my wish list and tv shows I love to watch (as if it wasn’t obvious, I don’t watch a lot of shows that are extremely current). So thanks, Lisa, in a bizarre way.

“Say eight! Say eight!” – Brian Regan


Monday, October 6, 2008

We Are Family: I Got All My Sisters (and Brothers) With Me

I am back in Provo now. -sigh- Nah, being back is a good thing. And the first day back at work really didn’t drag as long as I was afraid it would. Woohoo! But my vacation up to Oregon was fantastic! However, it wasn’t until I was on my way back to Utah that I realized all the pictures I took were of the kids! Not that having pictures of my adorable (and crazy) nieces and nephews is bad, but you can’t even tell I was in Oregon! And of course I forgot my camera when I saw my friends and went places. Oh, well.

It was really great, though, to be with the family. It was a crazy Saturday and Sunday when we were first there, because the house was intensely crowded with people, but so cool, nonetheless, that we have such an awesome family. We took up quite a few seats in Tom and Lisa’s ward when little Lucy was blessed. Good times. She’s very cute and adorable. Jack is amazingly insane, but he, Andrew, and Jake had a really good time running around like maniacs. It was really entertaining when Andrew needed to apologize to Jack for pushing him, but Jack was having none of Andrew’s attempts to hug him (not because he was mad, just because he didn’t want to be hugged). Andrew was quite indignant, actually, but that didn’t last too long. I really wonder how many times these kids watched Shrek, because I think it was on most every morning during our stay. I got to have some nice alone time with Mom and Dad, too, which was great. I’ve got a wonderful family.

I got to see some friends and catch up with them while I was there, too. So fun to see the fun plans my old friends are making in their lives. Lunch with Kate was great, hanging with Robert was fun, and going around the Fruit Loop above Hood River and visiting Alpacas with Melissa was awesome. I’m pretty awful at keeping in touch with people across long distances, so I was really glad I got to see some of my old Oregon friends. The weather was really great while we there, too. It only rained on Thursday, which was really a surprise. It was also about ten degrees warmer than any of us thought it was going to be, but no complaints about that, really.

As predicted, the twelve-hour drives there and back weren’t excessively fun, but that was to be expected. Listening to the “Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party” eight times before we got into Clinton Friday night was especially hilarious (“Play it again!” “Do it again!”), because I’m pretty sure Kelly doesn’t want her kids memorizing the lyrics to “Baby Got Back”.

After getting to Clinton, I immediately made the switch to my car and drove to Stansbury Park, where I spent General Conference with Esther and her parents. What an awesome weekend. I loved listening to the prophet and the apostles. Elder Wirthlin’s story about his daughter made me laugh about the hardest I ever have during conference, and the primary choir was just amazing to watch, especially during the closing song and you could tell they were so ready to get out of those seats after over two hours of sitting there (kids shoving each other on camera . . . priceless). Of course, entertainment is not the point of General Conference, but those were pretty sweet moments.

So now I’m back and living the normal life. Good times. It was a really nice vacation, though, and I feel mostly rejuvenated. Yay!

"Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything." -Charles Kuralt