Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Monster Mash

So, fun times to be had all around! I spent two weekends in a row with family, which was totally fun. And that included a trip to Oregon for Mom's piano recital. Way awesome! She had her family in tears, it was great. Pretty good turn-out, too, despite the stormy weather. Of course it was the day that I flew back to Utah that the weather took a turn for the better. Figures. The family fun continued the night after I got back with us Provo cousins going to Stephanie H.'s volleyball game, the first (and probably only) time I have ever cheered for the U. -sigh-

Last night we had our Halloween barn dance, which was lots of fun. Our ward combined with two other wards, but there was practically no mixing, which is okay, but kind of too bad. But the dancing was fun, until they started playing music that I really couldn't dance to. They really should have stuck to the "Billie Jean"-type music, because we were all dancing to that. The costumes were really something to behold, as well. My hair still hasn't completely forgiven me for the torment I put it through with my "mad scientist" look. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh, the Office

So now I have a new addiction, and it is known as "The Office". I blame Hayley and Jenna for finally making me crack. I have lots of friends (and family) who are really into "The Office", but I still stuck to my guns and had never seen an episode. However, being around Hayley and Jenna was driving me crazy because half of their conversation was "Office" quotes. And I was really curious about who exactly Jim and Pam were. I had no idea. So I borrowed the first and second seasons from Jenna, and now I am hooked. Darn them! I still have to borrow the third season from someone (I think they said Justin has it) and catch up on the episodes that have aired this season, but golly. The things we are entertained by. And I'm going crazy not knowing what's going on now! Of course the second season finale ends with a cliffhanger, and it's a doozy, but it is taking every ounce of willpower I have not to look up the current happenings of the show on Wikipedia. How incredibly sad. It's similar to how my mother and I were so thrilled when Anthony and Elizabeth got back together after years and years on the comic strip "For Better or For Worse". They're not real people!

In other news, I'm heading to Oregon tomorrow. I was originally supposed to be a surprise for my mom, but Craig had to go and spill the beans. But that's fine. I'm looking forward to the visit. Last weekend I went to Grand Junction, CO, to see my cousin Dane, who just got back from his mission, so there was a lot of family there, too. Yay! And since my niece Nicole was baptized last Saturday, I was up in Clinton with my parents and sister's family, too. Yay for family!

I have decided once again that I really like guys. They are fun. And occasionally, they can be nice, too. I went to lunch today with Bryson, who came over to my apartment to inform me that he is my home teacher (good to know). And while we were chatting, he suddenly asked me if I was hungry, so we went to this Mexican place that was really cheap but really good! Interesting. But he's nice. And last night I was over at Tanner 7, being thoroughly entertained by Tyler and Clark and "Noodle", mainly because Tyler took about an hour to tell us his "first kiss" story. What funny guys. It was fun to see them in their natural habitat and distract them from their homework for a couple hours. -evil laugh-

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Time

So there's a first time for everything, and I guess this is my first time with "blogging". How ever exciting! Well, I figured it was about time to join the craze, although I really don't know who's going to read this. We'll find out, eh?

Well, this weekend pretty much rocked--General Conference! It was pretty fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even when I had to ignore the poor little boy Becky and I were roped into babysitting that started crying toward the end of the Saturday afternoon session. I went up to the Sunday afternoon session with Hayley and Jenna, two fabulous girls from my ward that I've gotten to be friends with in the last month or so. We went up earlier than we might normally and ate lunch in the car once we got ourselves parked. Yay for cheese and crackers! (Yeah, the three of us managed to eat a whole block of cheese within a matter of a couple of hours. Oink, oink!) We saw plenty of people that Hayley knew (she's so popular), but I ran into my friend Andrew, so it's nice to know I know people, as well.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same. The job hunt sucks, but that's nothing new. And I'm trying to stay patient with the fact that both my roommates have boyfriends and I am still woefully single. Well, not "woefully" . . . despite all my complaints, I do enjoy being single. I just think I'd like being in a relationship better! I need some good snogging! (man, i wish i were british so i didn't sound so dumb saying that)