Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Monster Mash

So, fun times to be had all around! I spent two weekends in a row with family, which was totally fun. And that included a trip to Oregon for Mom's piano recital. Way awesome! She had her family in tears, it was great. Pretty good turn-out, too, despite the stormy weather. Of course it was the day that I flew back to Utah that the weather took a turn for the better. Figures. The family fun continued the night after I got back with us Provo cousins going to Stephanie H.'s volleyball game, the first (and probably only) time I have ever cheered for the U. -sigh-

Last night we had our Halloween barn dance, which was lots of fun. Our ward combined with two other wards, but there was practically no mixing, which is okay, but kind of too bad. But the dancing was fun, until they started playing music that I really couldn't dance to. They really should have stuck to the "Billie Jean"-type music, because we were all dancing to that. The costumes were really something to behold, as well. My hair still hasn't completely forgiven me for the torment I put it through with my "mad scientist" look. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

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