Friday, April 2, 2010

At Times Like This, I am Proud to be an American

When you think of America as a nation, what comes to your mind? Probably not a Muppet, but if you're an American, if you're a patriot, you are in league with a morally upstanding eagle named Sam. (appropriate, eh?) As the Muppets' designated "moral center", Sam is humorously conservative in his attempts to force, er ... help ... the Muppets be more cultural and wholesome. He approves of old-time art, but when it comes to something like lady wrestlers (as kermit sheepishly informs him is on the list of acts for an evening), he shuts the door on that faster than you can say "endangered species".

What is unfortunate for Sam is that his efforts are wholely futile. The Muppets will insist on being so-called weirdos, shoving pie into his face when he discourses on receiving his "just desserts" or making him dress up like Elton John after he asks, "Why does he dress like a stolen car?" (at least he's still in red, white, and blue when he does so.)

While we can't all envy his position within the Muppet realm, we can admire his integrity to stick to his moral compass, however naively he tries to guide others along it. We also can emulate his ability to believe in the good ol' USA. Sure, there are problems in the country (and don't let's start on that), but there's still something to be said for patriotism and the proud swelling of feathers when that anthem plays. Sam knows that. Even when out of his natural habitat of America, he will not be swayed, as shown when he attempts to teach a young Ebenezer Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol that business is "the American way" (prompting a whispered correction from narrator gonzo to say, "it is the british way").

So, sing out loud and clear when you see that grand old flag, because Sam would want it that way ... and he's got to catch a break some time.


"You are all ... weirdos!" -Sam the Eagle, The Great Muppet Caper

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Glenbob said...

That last quotation is the epitome of Sam the Eagle. (Not to mention probably my most favorite quotation of all Muppetdom.)