Thursday, April 8, 2010

There's a Party Going On Right Here

Phew! What a weekend. Really good. Really busy. I couldn't believe how exhausted I was at the end of it! But it was totally worth the effort. I think some people wouldn't necessarily buy the story that I would be exhausted when I spent four hours both Saturday and Sunday watching television, but conference is hardly the kind of thing that you just sit back and relax for. And boy, was it good. Well, it always is, but it was really good this time around, too. Yay!

Unbelievable. First, who would think to give me a Jim Henson book? -blushes-
Everybody, but this one's from Esther.

Second, this is Becky the day after she had surgery!

Birthday festivities were excellent. What a shock, for dinner my friends and I went to Carrabbas. Man, whenever it is I might move out of this area, whatever am I going to do for birthday dinner? Hmm. I could always make sure I'm in Oregon and force Mom to make me Thai food again. I'm sure she'd love that. Anyway, dinner was quite yummy and I was glad to be surrounded by good friends. We adjourned to my place after dinner for the ice cream cake that, despite Esther's insistence that it was terrible, was yummy and awesome. All in all, getting pampered a bit, not going to work, and being with my friends added up to a good kick-off to year number 26!

Me and Jay at Carrabbas

And candles. (is everyone noting my hair? i got a haircut and my stylist did it special for my birthday. i felt pretty.)

Saturday evening was Esther's bridal shower, and it ended up being a small-ish affair. Esther was pretty happy with who came and I think it was a successful night, but goodness, I had lots of food left. Oh, well. Just meant that I was sure to have fruit for the next week. And I managed to coerce the others to make me leave the Costco cake behind. Thank goodness. I don't want to know what would have happened had I actually taken it back home with me.

Sweet girls at the party. Rebecca and the bride-to-be.
Becky and Alicia
Esther's sisters Mary and Rachel and her mom, Doris (they're drawing esther's "dream house")

Easter Sunday brought some cousins to my door for dinner. This wasn't a surprise; I invited them. Oh, I love that meal of ham and funeral potatoes. Mmm, funeral potatoes. Was there ever a better way to prepare that delicious tuberous crop? I'm not sure there is. Anyway, I was pretty thrilled when I made it and it turned out to be oh-so-scrumptious. I have a pretty fantastic family. This I have known for years and years, but it's fun to have a reminder like Sunday.

By the time Steph left, I was ready for the weekend to be over and to have some time where I wasn't preparing for another event that I was in charge of. I was happy to do everything that I did, but good golly, it's been nice to have a rest for a bit. Now I'm re-charged and ready for the next adventure, whatever that may be.


"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." -Orson Welles


Marcene said...

just wanted to say "hi" and I'm glad you had such a great birthday and conference weekend. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you survived the weekend- Thanks again for the great shower:)