Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Life is a Song Worth Singing

Life has some odd quirks about it, doesn't it? It's amazing how your day can change to be something you did not expect at all within an instant. That's not to say that it changes to be something really, really significant that changes your whole life, but just your whole day. For example, on Friday around 1:30, after doing my usual job-hunt-in-the-morning gig, I went up to BYU campus to run an errand and saw my friend Bethany, who pleaded with me to go to her philosophy class with her so she would not fall asleep. Well, I went along with it (and no kidding, she would have fallen asleep without me) and proceeded to spend the next twelve hours hanging out with her! Which is totally fine with me because I love and adore Bethany, but completely unexpected!

Similarly, on Thursday night, I sauntered over to Esther/Becky/Whitney's place for a quick visit, and when I got there, Esther informed me that my friend Kelly got hit by a car the day before and had a broken leg! He ended up dropping by their place not too long after I arrived, so I got to see him in all his gimpy glory, and we all were there until about midnight. Not what I was expecting or planning to do that night (and i doubt kelly was expecting to be hit by a car the previous night, so yet another curve ball, but a longer-lasting one for him).

So yes, these are all pretty inconsequential things in my life currently, but life is full of those moments that catch you off-guard like that, be they significant or surprising or practically common-place. How do you deal with them when they aren't altogether pleasant (i.e. kelly breaking his leg)? Do you treasure them when they're good (i.e. getting to see one of my best friends i wasn't expecting to)? After all, it's those moments that bring some spice to life and brighten up, or at least diversify, an otherwise ordinary and routine life. I guess we should be grateful for those moments. And when I say "we", I mean "I".

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