Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh, It's a Jolly Holiday with Megan

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Wow! I haven't eaten so much at Thanksgiving in a few years, that's for sure. I was definitely missing the hot tomato this year, as it is always excellent. But that's all right. I survived. This year Thanksgiving was spent at my friend Esther's home in Stansbury Park, and it was pretty dang good. Becky and her sister Rachael were also there, so we had quite the girls' week going on. Watched "North and South" by request of Esther's sister and were just extremely lazy while Esther's mom fed us . . . and fed us . . . and fed us! Good times. Lots of sleepiness. And of course, as soon as I woke up this morning, I could hear the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music going. Has anybody really ever lived without hearing Mannheim Steamroller? I'm not sure that it's possible! Anyway, that just means that it is now legal for Christmas music to be played, which makes me pretty excited, especially now that I have my own Nativity set going, so I set that up when I got back from SP a couple hours ago. Woohoo! It's a good time of year.

I've also been brushing up on my "performance" skills. Well, we had a talent show for my ward and I sang with Hayley and Jenna accompanied us. We sang "For Good" from "Wicked", and it went pretty well, so that's a plus. Yay! We were originally going to go all out for it and somehow paint my skin green (seeing as how i was the lucky one to sing elphaba's part) and Hayley would wear a blonde wig and whatnot, but we decided that might be a little too much, so we opted to just dress in black and white. Jenna even joined in the fun at this point and dressed all in green, to represent the Emerald City (and a couple people understood that, too!). No microphones, but when did that ever stop me? -wink- Although, I was highly amused when Tyler, who doesn't know "Wicked" at all, thought that Hayley was someone who had just died and was an angel (since she was wearing white) and I was mourning her at her funeral (wearing black). Some people really need to get some culture. Just kidding. Kind of.

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Eric said...

I would like to say that Steamroller music is awesome! Whenever we'd go on cross-country vacation road trips, we'd always bring a couple MS tapes to pass the time!