Thursday, October 23, 2008

Memories Light the Corner of My Mind

This is another "tagged" thing, but I thought it was kind of fun, anyway. So the life of Megan in five-year increments, as far as I can remember.

Twenty Years Ago:

I was four, had the birthday party at Farrell’s, which my family will never ever let me forget because I was supposedly being a brat. Started preschool at Beaverton Christian and was about a head taller than everybody else in the class, which was only the beginning of several years of that torture. Loved dress-up, Barbie, My Little Pony, and Popples. Started ballet. That was cool.

Fifteen Years Ago:

I was nine, in fourth grade with Mrs. Caudle at Greenway Elementary. Best friend Emily had moved to California earlier that year, so I had to make new “best friends”, Maura and Sylvia. Was bribed by Mrs. Caudle with Ghirardelli’s chocolate to speak quieter in class (thus began the chocolate cravings). Started playing soccer and was always stuck playing goalie. Still in ballet at this point (weird). Still taller than everybody my age.

Ten Years Ago:

Fourteen, freshman (and only) year at Beaverton High School. Ended up reuniting with previously mentioned soccer teammates who all went to a different middle school, including Melissa, who became one of my best high school friends. Took private voice and piano lessons, loved seminary (with brother Tom falling asleep in the back of the room) with crazy Bro. Jansen. Was coerced into being in three of the four choirs (originally only thought I’d be in one) by Mr. Brownell, who left me in charge . . . a lot (something that continued through the rest of high school, even at a different school). Still tall, but several boys my age finally started passing me, even though I still had a couple inches to go.

Five Years Ago:

Nineteen, sophomore year of college at BYU, first year of several living in Centennial apartments. Finally figured out my major, switching from English to English Language, thanks to an awesome professor, Dr. Eggington. Second year of singing first soprano in Women’s Chorus. First college boyfriend, Mike (who was two inches shorter than me). Constantly over at Carol’s place to escape my own apartment. Still tall, and have definitely stopped growing.

One Year Ago:

Just graduated, still living in Provo for some reason. Finally moved out of Centennial, looking for grown-up work and not succeeding one bit. Always hanging out with Esther and Becky (which is different from now how?). Went home for Mom’s piano recital that was intensely awesome, sang and goofed around with Hayley and Jenna in WG 11. Still tall. Still loving it.

And another photo for your viewing pleasure: Megan at age 16.

"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." -Albert Schweitzer



Marcene said...

Hi Megan, so glad I found your blog so that I can read your thoughts put down on "paper" and not miss hearing you so much....when was the last time I actually saw you in person? Angie's house?? no clue. Love the "Erin's Promise picture. Love ya, Marcene

Anonymous said...

I thought happiness was finding a pencil...

:-* Miss you