Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bring It Down; It's Too High . . . Much Too High!

And more adventures in hiking. I can't believe I have hiked the Y so much this year. It's not really a hike I particularly enjoy, but hey, a hike is a hike, I guess. This time around, though, Esther and I didn't just hike to the Y, we hiked above and beyond the Y. Yeeha! We really had no idea where we were going, so it was more like a "walk until you want to stop" kind of deal, but when we got around the side of the mountain, it was really pretty. Fall colors galore! Both Esther and I haven't done a lot of regular exercise since our respective vacations earlier this month, so we were both struggling a bit on the regular Y trail, but once we got past the Y, it was pretty decent. So . . . maybe that's the last time I'll hike the Y this year. But I keep getting proved wrong about that. After exerting ourselves so relentlessly (ha!), we decided we deserved a dinner out, so we went to Macaroni Grill that night as a reward. Hooray for food!

Us at the Y and then the rocks beyond.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same as ever. I sang in church on Sunday with a guy in my ward. Got rave reviews for that, teehee. We also had our ward talent show on Monday night, and I got a pretty good glare from Bishop Lunt when he saw that my name wasn't on the program. I wasn't that fussed, honestly. (Obviously; it had been my choice not to sign up for it.) Besides, the show was long enough without me in it. However, there were a lot of good acts, and it was a good night. Although I will never think of "Bring Him Home" the same way ever again after seeing Will perform it like a Christmas ham. I thought he was going to severely injure Dallin, who did an amazing job of being his dead prop. And I thought "Forbidden Broadway" had ruined my perception of "Les Mis". Any credibility it still may have had in my head disappeared Monday night.

In other news, I am getting increasingly distressed about Jim and Pam. Is she ever coming back to Scranton? Inquiring minds want to know. Last week, my awesome sister-in-law, Lisa, sent me the digitized version of Dwight that Pam sent Jim in the season opener, and it totally made my day (especially since she addressed it to me from Pam Beesly, which really intrigued my roommate Becky when she retrieved the mail that day). But my happiness from the season premiere has very much dissipated because I'm sick of Pam being in New York. Bring her home! (Oh, my gosh, that wasn't meant to be at all related to the above paragraph, but I suppose it's appropriate . . . minor guffaw coming from Megan right now.) Repeat after me: "They are fictional, they are fictional. . . "

"Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing." - Sir Ralph Richardson


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