Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Light My Fire

In the spring, Glen and I made "plans" to go camping this summer. It did not happen. There probably were a couple of weekends that we could have gone, but those were also the same weekends that there was major smoke in the air thanks to all the wildfires. Nothing ever came really near us, thank goodness, but I had no desire to head outside and deliberately breathe it in.

So a few weeks ago, Glen and I decided that, darn it all, we were going to camp this weekend. He requested time off at the ropes course (where he's been interning this summer) so that we would be sure to have a Friday night-to-Saturday morning/afternoon free, and it was going to work out.

Enter Education Week and basically-mandatory set-up for Glen. Goodbye, camping plans. Stupid Education Week.

Enter phone call with my mom expressing my disappointment. Enter brilliant Mom, who made an off-handed remark about camping indoors. I don't think she expected me to take her seriously, but I thought it was a great plan. Thanks, Mom!

I had no idea if our tent would actually fit in the living room, so I didn't even bother with it and instead hung up sheets (which glen informed me was probably harder than actually setting up the tent . . . i would agree with him on that score). I visited the library to get "scary story" books (to read by flashlight) and some sound effects cd's so that we would hear wolves howl in the distance (which i was really excited to find), and I am proud to say that I truly surprised Glen. I had told him I was planning our date and it would be at home, but he had no idea what to expect when I pulled him out of exile (our bedroom). Yay!

The set-up

Glen and the local "wildlife" -- I had also put out a couple of bears for us to not feed.

I was also proud of my faux fireplace.

 Glen "roasts" his hot dogs.

The night was not entirely without technology and use of our kitchen, but it was a silly success, nonetheless. (even if we didn't make the s'mores until the next evening.)


"A husband is like a fire, he goes out when unattended." -Evan Esar

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