Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dashing Through the Snow

Would anybody be annoyed if I once again stated how much I love this time of year? If yes, well, then, that's just too darn bad! Because this is a great time of year! Why? If you need to ask that, you need to go get your head examined. We had the first snow of the season about a week and a half ago, and I will admit, I wasn't overly excited about it. I saw the snow and immediately thought, "Great. I don't want to have to drive in this!" What a sour attitude. However, I took a couple of good cold walks that just made me happy, especially since seeing Hayley slip while saying "Now be careful of the icy patches" is quite entertaining. Anyway, that snow melted away from the streets and sidewalks pretty quickly, so not a huge deal.

Then it happened again on Saturday! Crazy times. But it was immediately made great fun Saturday afternoon because Megan called me up and we went sledding at Rock Canyon Park! So fun! Making snow angels, slipping in the snow on our way up the hills, trying to avoid the slush, getting wet and rosy-cheeked! We took a couple of pictures, but they were with Megan's camera, so I haven't got them to put up, which is too bad, because we looked truly awful. When Megan dropped me off, Hayley invited me upstairs for some hot chocolate (Stephens, it's truly the best ever) and I hung out there until Megan picked me up again to go watch "White Christmas" and eat ginger snaps with some girls she knows. Oh, yeah. It was definitely a good wintry day (haha, descending to it's close), doing the fun outside stuff, but still getting to come inside and warm up and be all Christmas-y.

Hayley and I kept ourselves entertained for a good hour Sunday night (after watching "The Chipmunk Adventure" . . . ah, memories) listening to Mannheim Steamroller. And when I say "listening", I actually mean "dancing like fools". Some hip-hop, ballet, interpretive, swing, Irish step dance, clogging, and who knows what else? But hey, it was Christmas music! At least they haven't seen me jumping around to the Osmond's "Sleigh Ride", although Jenna did see me really getting into "Claymation Christmas" a couple weeks ago. Good times.

Then last night, our ward went Christmas caroling to a nearby neighborhood. My little group decided to start out by running from the church parking lot to the neighborhood, and who knows why? But, oh well. We had fun singing at each place. Weird, though, to not be caroling with the Russells, even though that hasn't happened for several years. But I was glad we went caroling. Yay! (and afterward, more hot chocolate, plus donuts)

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