Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Well, jeepers, it's been awhile since I last posted. That's all right, though, considering my own mother doesn't even check this more than once a month, and I'm pretty sure that she and my dad are the only ones that check this . . . oh, wait, Tom and Lisa do, too, occasionally, so I guess that's a lie. Thanks, guys!

The new job is going swimmingly. Lots of things to learn, but I'm enjoying it at this point. I know cubicles are the kind of thing people hate, but I honestly felt a little thrilled to get my own cubicle with my own nameplate on it and everything. It made me feel quite grown up. In spite of that, I'm still trying to get a lot of things figured out and feel very much like a small child that doesn't know anything, but hopefully that will pass soon. For now, I'm happy to be in a permanent position in at least one area of my life--everything else is up in the air. Ack!

But other than all the decisions and responsibilities looming up before me that I just need to crack down and get done, I am feeling very happy. Last weekend, three different people commented on how happy I was acting, and that was kind of interesting. I guess I was being goofy, but their choice of word was "happy"! Go figure. I don't think I've been unhappy really recently or anything, but I do know I'm happier now than I was a year ago (not having to worry about tests and homework probably helps with that) and probably more than I was six months ago and likely more than I was three months ago. Who knows? Yes, I still will occasionally have those days (you all know what kind of "days" I'm talking about), but those days are very rare now, which is another reason to be happy. I don't want to make the people around me sad-- they're my friends! They're exactly the people I want to be happy around me! So hopefully it is true that I'm happier and showing it. Time to stop being such a baby.

Not only am I now employed in a grown-up job, I have now become a piano teacher! VERY new at this whole thing, which shocks just about everyone I know, but I really have never taught piano lessons before. And it's just to one person right now (and will probably stay that way for a bit, considering i don't have a piano here--i go to HIS apartment for lessons), but hey--kind of cool.

Still spending time with my Centennial gals that I love dearly. Last week, I crashed an Enrichment activity that some of them went to and got all mud-masked up . . . looked properly menacing, too. What fun.

So clearly, that's all fun and grand. I've basically got an overnight kit started for nights that I'm there so late I have no desire to make the five-minute drive home. My roommate even knows that if I don't come home, she doesn't have to worry because I am most likely at 123. I'm glad I'm so predictable.

All right, inspiring thought of the week: "Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic." -Dan Rather

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Anonymous said...

yes, i do read your blog. however, because of the long interval, i thought maybe you had decided to give it up. nice that you didn't. growing up, huh? don't let it overtake you too quickly.