Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Girls of Summer

In honor of the weather finally getting warm again (especially after the freak snowstorm we got on tax day . . . happy birthday, tom) and of the fact that people in Provo are turning their minds to summer with the end of winter semester this week (haha! i love not having to worry about that anymore!) (and i also love rubbing it in my friends' faces who are still in school), I am writing out my summer to-do list. I created one last year, and there were a lot of items on it, and surprisingly enough, I accomplished a great deal of them. However, it's a new summer, and I would like to do the things that I didn't do last year, as well as new ideas and goals. And I am posting this on my public blog in the hopes that people will check up on me and make sure I'm actually doing what I say I want to. Here goes:

1) Hike at least once a month.
2) Go on a road trip (or several, but at least one).
3) Visit home. (Oregon! June's a good month. The roses will be out.)
4) Go camping. (Guess that means i need a tent.)
5) Be outside. A lot.
6) Learn new music, hopefully two good pieces on the piano. (Suggestions, Mom? Kelly? Anyone?)
7) Cook. On a regular basis. And boiling angel hair pasta doesn't always count.
8) Go tubing on the Provo river.
9) See Timp Caves.
10) Go on dates. That's right. PLURAL! dateSSSSSSSSS.
11) Do service. Secret or otherwise; just do it.
12) Sing. My voice is so out-of-practice.
13) Write. In case you hadn't figured it out, I like doing that.
14) Read. (That doesn't necessarily need to be on my list because I do it all the time, but I should always be exposing myself to good books.)
15) Dance. Dancing is fun and it works off calories. Both good things.
16) Attend the temple weekly. Set a specific time and day, Megan!
17) Go to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. (They're putting on "The Secret Garden"!)
18) Visit Grand Junction.
19) If I can afford it (ha!), go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. ("The Music Man" AND "Much Ado About Nothing"! Can life get any better than this? I submit that it cannot!) (p.s. am willing to give up utah shakespeare festival for oregon shakespeare festival.)
20) Don't sit around. Bad. Unless it's outside. Good.
21) Go to DC for Becky's wedding in May. That's a given that I'll be doing it, but I should put it on the list to be able to cross it off.
22) Laugh. I spend way too much time crying.

So that's what I've got so far. Any other suggestions? Music to play? Places to go? People to see? (everything for you and meeeeeee . . . name THAT musical.) So, bring it on, Summer 2009! We're going to make it a good one, even if I am a working stiff.


"It's a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do." -Walter Winchell


Marcene said...

Good list! I wish I was as motivated to be outdoors. It is soooo hot here and so buggy I want to lie inside all day. I miss Utah for the perfect summer weather they have. Going to Oregon is also on my list...but for August not June. Enjoy the roses.

VK said...

Good list!!
It makes me want to make one.
Oregon Shakespeare sound good. I've never been.
Come enjoy MY roses next week.
Go on a walk besides the planned hike, it will make you appreciate Provo. I hike at least twice a week and I believe that's really why I love this NorCal place.

the hills said...

i like the thought of doing a list for the summer. i've been working on my bucket list. much more daunting. with all this traveling you best be in utah when i come!!