Friday, June 12, 2009

Remember When It Rained

Prepare yourselves for a shock. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was falsely advertised! (cue gasps, dropped jaws, etc.) Now you may ask, how would I know how a movie that is eighteen years old was advertised? And, perhaps more importantly, why would I even care? I should clarify: I don't really think of it as a huge blow to my outlook on life. But it came as a big shock to me, my friend Charity, and her husband, James, last Thursday evening. On a whim, Charity and I made plans to watch Robin Hood (guess i'm on that kind of a kick, thanks to mr. richard armitage, otherwise known as guy of gisborne in the bbc robin hood tv series . . . -sigh-). James, once the movie was done, went to the special features and wanted to watch the original trailer. My initial reaction was, "Why would you want to watch the trailer to a movie you just watched?" But as we watched the trailer, we were all astounded by the music in the background. Was it the Robin Hood soundtrack we heard? Oh, no. To our chagrin and amusement, we all three recognized the music as the soundtrack to Willow (which, coincidentally, was the last movie i watched with charity . . . oh, the irony)! And naturally, we're all very nerdy that we recognized the music, but this poses the question: Did anybody go to the movie theater to watch Robin Hood, hoping in vain to see Val Kilmer in a cameo role?

Last Friday evening, Esther, Rachel, and I were at home, twiddling our respective thumbs and trying to come up with something fun to do. Then, in a moment of sheer un-Esther-ness, Esther took charge, came up with an idea, and made us do it. Well, I wouldn't say she forced us, but usually Esther is so indecisive that it came as a surprise to me when she very authoritatively said, "Let's have a girls' night! And do make-overs!" So we did. And it ended up being really fun, too. I was in charge of Rachel's hair and Esther's make-up, and we were all pretty pleased with the results, with Rachel's Audrey Hepburn updo and Esther's 1940s-movie-star look . . . and my 1940s-mom look . . . (for the record, i looked pretty dang cute; but i will not attempt to deny that i looked like a mom, especially when i put on the apron and posed with the cookies when we took pictures.) It was a long process, even the picture-taking ordeal afterward, but it was something fun and different to do. And thank goodness I didn't have any early-morning plans on Saturday, otherwise I would have been suffering after going to bed at 2 am.
Us lovely girls
And really, it's the return of Doris Macafee
with the cookies.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for three reasons that the weather will not turn into a torrential downpour. Reason #1: Our company summer activity in Provo Canyon. I'm on the Spirit Committee, which means I've helped plan it, which means I most definitely have to be there, which means if we have tons of food left over because nobody shows up, I will not be a happy camper. Reason #2: We have a tri-ward activity tomorrow night, also in Provo Canyon. This is something that I would actually find fun (i guess i don't have a great attitude about the company picnic), but again, if the weather's bad, people won't show up. There is an alternate location in case of inclement weather, but I wonder how many people will be willing to go there. Who knows? But yes. Two activities in the canyon tomorrow, threatened by this very unnatural weather. Reason #3: The Utah Valley marathon that starts in the canyon. (what is with all the events in provo canyon?) Not that I'm running in it; no way! But Esther is. And I hope, for her sake, that it's not raining cats and dogs.


"'I love you, Sorsha!' I don't love her; she kicked me in the face!" -Madmartigan

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tom + lisa said...

great makeover idea! i especially love esther's red lipstick and your innocent, motherly curls.

so you're on the party planning committee huh... are you a phyllis or an angela?