Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm So Excited And I Just WON'T Hide It

As I await my departure to Oregon in mere hours, I am tempted to just bolt away from my desk. I won't do that; I'm not willing to make the eight-mile walk home. And it wouldn't help my flight tonight leave any earlier. Details, details. But I'm quite excited for my weekend. It will be, in the words of Rhino the hamster, fully awesome!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty standard. Just gone to work, come home, and filled my time with random things. Last Tuesday night we had a little bit of a reunion with some girls at the Birdhouse, and it was so fun to see Rebecca, Amy, and Tasha! They are fantastic and amazing women, and I need to see them more often than once every three months.

Two weekends ago I was left alone in my place. Alicia still was mysteriously gone (she was in arizona for a full three weeks! yowzers!), and Esther and Rachel had gone to St. George. What's a girl to do when she has the place to herself? Throw a wild party, of course! (well, if "wild party" translates to "impromptu movie/game night", then it would be "of course".) It was a completely last-minute idea, because I didn't realize I had no plans for Friday night until Friday morning. Unfortunately, basically everyone else that I know did have plans, so my "party" wasn't entirely a grand affair. But I knew that would happen. The evening wasn't a total loss, though. I caught up on my reading of Crime and Punishment. And okay, Jay showed up, which was very kind of him; it helped me not to feel like a complete loser.

To add to the pathetic picture I'm already painting of that lone weekend, the next day I cleaned the house. You ask, "What else is new, Megan?" No, this time it was a deep scour. Top to bottom. Window shades, baseboards, the works. Anything and everything was under my jurisdiction. (getting the picture? i cleaned the entire house.) In my defense, our landlady was coming on Monday to give us a cleaning check, so I would never have been that thorough of my own volition. But it was . . . nice (is that the word i'm really thinking?) . . . to know that it was left up to me to take care of the house while everyone else was off on their own adventures. The hours-long exposure to cleaning supplies didn't bode well for my planned evening of dancing with Jackie. Fortunately, she was a good sport about it, so we stayed in and watched . . . well, never mind what we watched. I'm going on a fast of that movie now, because I need a break from it.

Last weekend, I went swimming with Lexie and Ashley at Salem Pond, which was pretty fun, seeing as how Ashley and I ended up totally bonding over Star Trek. I'll have to remember that place, too. It was a nice place to go swimming; for free, no less! That night I headed to the Hale Center Theater in Orem for a production of Singin' in the Rain, and I found it thoroughly entertaining. The tap dancing just made me happy, and while the lead is no Gene Kelly, he still managed to keep the audience involved during the title song by kicking water everywhere in the seats (yeah, people in the front row were given ponchos because they were most definitely going to get wet). But, in the show as in the movie, my favorite character remains Cosmo Brown. "Big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all." (thank goodness i'm one of the "big people", so i have some humor.)

I got myself a little sunburned again on Sunday, but of course that would happen when you take a two-hour motorcycle ride in the afternoon sun without even thinking to apply sunscreen. Oops! But the bike ride was awesome. I've known Mike for over a year now and I still had yet to ever go on a ride with him (and he loves to ride that bike), so we decided to remedy that tragedy on Sunday afternoon. We, Marshall (another guy in the ward), and Brother Jube (our ward's high council rep.) took a ride through the Alpine Loop. It was beautiful in the canyon behind Timp! So green and gorgeous. And even though my hair was a matted mess by the time we got back, the ride was worth it.

Happy thing to think about: Making new friends is really fun! We had a speed-dating activity at fhe a couple weeks ago (smart move on linda's part to not tell us what the activity would be until we got to bishop parker's house), and I ended up meeting a few new guys in the ward that I've gotten to be friendly with, so I'd say it was successful. The next week, I drove with Amy to fhe in Hobble Creek Canyon, and I'd never really talked to her before, but that half-hour drive to and from the canyon gave us a chance to get to know each other better, which was nice. Then, of course, there was the bonding with Ashley over Star Trek and Care Bears. And last night I went on yet another blind date (wow, i'm starting to clean up on those) and had a good time getting to know Ben (hear that, becky? i had a good time! please don't gloat too much) at Sub Zero. So the efforts of making new friends these last couple of weeks have been more than satisfactory. Hooray!

So until we meet again, go out and meet new people. It's ultimately worth it. (all the while making sure you're hanging on to the old friends, too, though.)


"Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer." -The Lion

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VK said...

J and I watched "North and South" a few weeks ago and I thought it was GREAT. Told David to make sure he watches it, because he is doing his masters thesis on cotton. (how the manufacture, imports and exports changed societies and $ and what have you)