Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time!

Big decisions coming my way. Huge. Enormous, even! Dare I say, astronomical! And the biggest question is . . . what will I be for Halloween? All right, it won't be for the 31st exactly, because that night we have stake conference and I must attend because I've already been scouted out in the stake as some kind of musical proficient. Where they get these silly ideas, I don't know, but it doesn't come from me. But the day before, which is a Friday, we will be having festivities at my office, like last year. I would be willing to repeat my witch costume, but there's a slight problem with that option. Half of what I wore belonged to Esther, and I no longer live with her. Besides, I should think outside the box. So I will take suggestions. Anything, really. Doesn't mean I'll dress up as whatever you might suggest, but I need help in thinking of something, because I am drawing a blank.

Me and my roommate Lisa

I definitely have gotten into the fall "spirit", though. A few weeks ago, I put up some happy autumn decorations and put out the ceramic skeleton that Mom got me a couple years ago. He's a happy little fella, sitting on the piano. And on Friday, I went with some pals to Thanksgiving Point, where we went through the haunted corn maze! There was also a haunted blow-up dinosaur, which was our first stop that evening, and I'm sure Chad really appreciated me grabbing onto the back of his shirt when it got really dark. The biggest hoot of the night was hearing Lisa scream in the maze. I mean, I get startled, and I was definitely startled a couple of times during the night (especially when the chainsaw guy came out and we had to scurry through the abandoned school bus), but Lisa is a total 'fraidy cat, and it was pretty entertaining. Also entertaining was the hay ride, in which we were jostled to within an inch of our lives. But fun, anyway.

Jason and Tyler, who naturally refuse to take normal pictures

Danny and Chad partaking in the joys of tetherball

So yes. Fall is here, and it's a good time of year, even if I won't be warm again for another six months . . . or more. Probably more.

Oh, good heavens. How old are we?


"Nothing on earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night." -Steve Almond


VK said...

I think you should borrow your Mom's clown costume.

Emily said...

Hey Megan! I just came across your blog.
Halloween costume ideas?? Um, I think you should be Waldo... as in Where's Waldo. Can you cross dress?
Good luck with that. I hope you're doing well.