Thursday, December 3, 2009

And On That Farm He Had a Chicken

Good thing I don't live in Quitman, Georgia. Well, it still would have been all right for me, but it sure wouldn't have been for the chicken I saw today as I was driving home from work. Apparently, the city of Quitman has an ordinance that prohibits chickens from crossing the road. (why? because they don't want the chickens to see what happens on the other side . . . whatever that is, i sure don't know.) Yes, that would have been one sorry chicken, had I been living in Quitman and observed the "criminal activity" the chicken was engaged in. Fortunately, I live in Orem, and the chicken was not violating any city ordinances by crossing the road. Good thing for me, too, because it completely and totally made my day!

How many people have really observed a chicken crossing the road? I sure haven't, especially not in a suburban neighborhood a block away from an elementary school! But that's what happened today. From a distance, I thought that maybe someone had been careless and left a decorative chicken in the street. It wasn't until I reached and passed the chicken (had i been another foot to the right, i would have hit it . . . and the car parked on the street, for that matter . . .) that I realized it was real! It turned its head and, as soon as I passed it, started crossing the road! I observed it as long as I dared in my rearview mirror. I tell ya, it was awesome.

So, if you're a chicken-lover or just an average person, don't move to Quitman, because it's probably strange to see a policeman giving a warning to a chicken for jaywalking.


"Big nations are like chickens. They like to make big noises, but very often it is no more than squabbling." -Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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Emily said...

I saw a chicken crossing the road before. I lived in a city then too. It was on our way home from a Stake Conference when I was younger.

That's funny about the j-walking...strange though.