Thursday, July 31, 2008

For There's No Blue Monday in Your Sunday Clothes

Hello, everyone! “Gan Nelson” here. I have successfully disposed of the girl known as Megan Jensen and taken her place in her home, her job, her ward, and her bed! Not only that, my roommate “Ishtar Morrisse” has done the same to Megan’s old roommate, Esther. Let the rule of the UN-lucky 7s begin! All shall love us and despair!

-scuffle, shoving, fighting, drawing of light-sabers, dropkicking of “Gan” to another galaxy-

Okay, everyone. It’s me again, Megan. Phew! That took a lot out of me! I’m sure Esther had no trouble getting rid of the dreaded “Ishtar Morrisse”, but “Gan Nelson” put up quite a fight. To dispel a popular theory, the name “Gan” did not come from an attempt of mine to copy my mother’s granny-nickname, which is “Ganny”. It came from an attempt of some guys in the ward to suggest possible nicknames for me, and Neal decided to use the second syllable of my name, rather than the first syllable, which has never happened to me before in my life. I was astonished at the originality, but wasn’t so much a fan of the name, however much it reminded me of that ever-popular classic, The Journey of Natty Gann. However, the name still occasionally pops up randomly, even from my beloved roommate. So now I can’t quite get rid of the name, but heaven knows, I needed to get rid of that phantom spirit that accompanied it and has been responsible for all unexplained and strange occurrences in the Lucky 7s home.

But all hail the conquering hero! (that’s me) Two nights ago, I went running (again) and accomplished a first. Now, this may come across as kind of pathetic to others, but I have never run a mile straight in my life. I’ve run a mile in one outing, yes—well over a mile, even—but never have I run a mile without stopping after about half a mile and walking a bit, then running another bit, then walking a bit, etc. But Tuesday night, I ran a mile without stopping! Yay! Endurance in running has never been my strong suit, so I was kind of proud of myself when I did it. So everyone rejoice (with the pathetic girl who stinks at running)!

Yet another movie recommendation coming your way. Wall-E. It was very cute, and kind of makes you think, which you wouldn’t really expect from a Disney/Pixar flick, but very good. It was almost worth going to it just to see the short film played before it, which was called Presto. Kelly, Whitney, Steve, and I couldn’t stop laughing; it was so hysterical. Wall-E certainly made me laugh out loud quite a bit, and it had me tapping my toes with how many times “Sunday Clothes” from “Hello, Dolly” was played. When the movie opened and the music started with “Out there, there’s a world outside of Yonkers . . .”, I was suddenly so excited and I started semi-singing along to the words, causing Steve to be very baffled because he thought that I hadn’t seen Wall-E yet (to which Whitney whispered that the song was from something else). And fortunately, my friends thought it was endearing rather than annoying that I “sang” along to the song during that opening minute.

I got to spend a lot of Saturday with my friend Bethany, and we did a bunch of girly things, like get our hair cut (ironic, since I was with her the last time I got my hair cut), chat, eat junk food, and go shoe shopping. Girly things are fun to do every once in a while. Esther and I decided to watch Anne of Green Gables last night, so Sarah (a friend from work who also loves Anne) and Becky came over and we watched a bit of it. Awesome times. I also played games with both Marys, Marianne, and Andrea last night for a bit, so it seems I’m doing pretty well with the gal pals. Yay!

Quote for the Day: “Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to earn a living. After all, Shirley Temple could do it at the age of four.” –Katharine Hepburn

With no cutesy or clever sign-off,
Me (megan, not gan).

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