Friday, July 18, 2008

-Theme Music- Batman!!!

Holy amazing movie, Batman! Really, anybody who actually reads this blog. SEE the new Batman movie! It will completely astound you. I have to say that my heart was in throat for a good two-thirds of the movie; that’s how intense it was. I most definitely do not regret going to see it at midnight with my girls, because it was absolutely incredible. I came away from it very satisfied (which is a total understatement for how all of us felt about it). It was hilarious walking out of the movie theater at 2:45 last night and seeing all the other movie-goers, just looking amazed and out of breath. We were among them. It was great. (and by the way, I was not disappointed by Heath Ledger’s performance, like I was afraid I might be with all the hype about it. It really was eye-popping. Totally lost the actor and saw the Joker.)

So, needless to say, this weekend will probably be devoted to catching up on the sleep I did not get last night. We got home at three, and I was tired, but I was also really wired from the excitement of the movie, so I probably didn’t fall asleep until about 4. That’s not a good night’s rest. That’s a nap. But that’s okay with me.

Life continues pretty much in the same vein as ever. Just trying to keep myself busy. I’ve been practicing the piano again, trying to get back into the groove and feel like I’m actually good at it once more. We’ll see how that goes. Last week was pretty full, which made me happy. I want to make sure I’m keeping busy. No problem doing so on weekdays, but weekends come along and it’s a completely different story, which makes me think the world must be upside-down, because that just doesn’t seem to sound right. Let’s just hope that occasionally plans will work out so I’m not just being bored. I had some things I was doing over the weekend, so I wasn’t being totally lazy or anything, but a couple of plans fell through, so I ended up being less busy than I wanted to be. Oh, well. That happens. That’s life! Isn’t it great?

So here’s to life, everyone. Live it up. Work hard. Play hard. And, don’t be afraid to fall in love. It’s awesome. Not that I’m in love. If I were, you can bet I would write about that before I ever mentioned Batman. But loving people is great. Sure, you make yourself vulnerable by doing so, but it’s really worth the risk. Even people who have loved and lost will probably agree with me. At least, I think they would.

However, this week’s quote comes from a fictional character whom I have always loved because he made me laugh as a kid (haha, ironic—he SANG “Make ‘em laugh”), and this was one of my favorite exchanges of his: “Talking pictures, that means I'm out of a job. At last I can start suffering and write that symphony.” -Cosmo Brown “You're not out of job, we're putting you in as head of our new music department.” –R.F. Simpson “Oh, thanks, R.F.! At last I can stop suffering and write that symphony.” –Cosmo (“Singin’ in the Rain”—See it, love Cosmo Brown. That’s all I ask.)

With affection and alliteration, Gan.


Charity said...

Tee hee, I saw Batman today too. Pretty dang good. I had to close my eyes through a lot of it though. Seriously intense. Love Christian Bale though. Never gonna stop.
P.S. Of course you're in love - with the no-armed whitey. :) j/k I was gonna say you're in love with me, but then I thought that would be weird, but then I decided to say it anyway. Sorry, I really just need to use the bathroom right now but my bro-in-law is in there and he - oh yes he just came out!

tom, lisa, jack, and one more soon said...

are you calling yourself gan now? taking a page out of ganny's book are we?