Friday, August 15, 2008

Sing us a Song, You're the Pianoman (woman)

Life has continued to be pretty dang good. A miracle happened last week and I was actually asked on a date. Honestly, the guys asking me out happens about once a year, and this marks the second time in 2008! No sparks, but hey, a date is a date. We had some slight thunderstorms last week, so it was a welcome change to the intense heat, especially when I helped out at a volunteer activity outdoors for work last week.

The really awesome news of last weekend was that I finally got my piano! I was really excited, even if it didn't come until Sunday afternoon. Some people have been under the impression that I bought this particular instrument. Believe me, I didn't. It was completely and totally inherited. It's just been up in Oregon for awhile. So now it's here, and I'm really happy. I played up a storm on Sunday after the guys helped me move it in (which was very kind of them). So now I don't have to sneak over to Kelly's to play anymore! Woohoo! I just have to watch when and how much I play, what with neighbors close by and roommates I could possibly easily annoy.

Speaking of roommates, Esther and I went to see Brian Regan perform on Wednesday night at Thanksgiving Point. My gosh, it was awesome. Buying the tickets for it was a completely spontaneous decision, but I figured that since we both love his material, Esther would definitely come. Which she did. It was totally worth it, too. There were some moments that I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. The guy who opened up for him was pretty funny, too. And fortunately, the rest of the night wasn't damaged by us getting stuck in traffic for ages coming out. We totally beat the traffic getting out of the parking lots. Yay!

I've been taking some small trips to Nostalgia Land this last week, too, when I've had the time to. When I was about nine, the TV show "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" premiered, and my brothers and I totally loved the show. Tom and I would slightly gloat at Craig when he had to go off to Encore practice on Sunday nights and we would stay home and watch it. Anyway, I found out last week that a co-worker of mine owns the first three seasons on dvd, and she offered to let me borrow them, which I was quite eager to do. I was mainly curious to find out if I'd still even like the show, fifteen years later. After watching a few episodes, I have found out that yes, I DO still like the show. It's hardly Shakespeare, but it's still really entertaining and fun, and I'm glad that I've gotten to take a small trip down memory lane and not be totally ashamed of my former (and clearly still present) tastes. "Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

Seriously. Hot guy. Hot girl. Who wouldn't watch this show? (teehee)

All right. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I suppose I shall sign off. This weekend is going to be interesting because I haven't made any plans, which isn't exactly in keeping with the last couple of weeks. But it will be nice to sleep in. We like sleep. A lot.

"I think Superman should go on the Larry King show and announce that he would come back to life if people in all 50 states wanted him to." -Dave Barry


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