Monday, February 23, 2009

I Wanna Be Sedated

Sometimes I wonder if everybody has multiple personalities. Some are just better at masking them, so they're not clinically diagnosed. Becky and I went to a concert on Saturday night to see our friend Rick's band play. I wouldn't ever describe Rick as being shy, but he does come across as a bit reserved. But to watch him sing up there with his band was so fun because he suddenly became a rock star! It just seemed so out-of-character. But as I reflect on my friends, he's not the only example I can think of about a person who has seemingly become someone else. Case in point: Esther Morris. She's the nicest person in the world, and you think she would never do anything at all "mean" to others, when, at the moment you least expect it, she gets this mischievous glint in her eye and "Ishtar Morrisse" emerges. Before you know it, she's jumping on people who think they're all safe and sound in their beds. Not only that, she's laughing this evil chuckle, reveling in the destruction of someone's rest. (Or when she orders someone to do something. Esther doesn't give orders!)

Take me, for instance. I like to think that I'm a pretty normal-ish adult-esque young woman. But put something that relates to Disney or the Muppets in front of me, and I'm five! Like when I got Beauty and the Beast, and I leaped around in joy about it; or that I chose to watch The Muppet Movie on Thursday night when I was in a movie mood; or that I bought a Disney songbook and was laughing myself silly while playing "Under the Sea" and "Be Our Guest". Who does that, really? Some bizarre five-year old personality of me, that's who. She just takes over. I don't know what to call that version of me. And then there's "Gan Nelson", who's like my evil twin and is responsible for all the strange occurrences in the Halfway House, like all the cookies going missing (although I think the several personalities of Esther and Becky help out in such instances, too).

So how many personalities do I actually have? Hmm . . . who knows, really? I can think of several. And there's no telling when which one will surface. There's shy Megan, loud Megan, diva Megan (believe me, diva megan is conceited and a total drama queen . . . I'm really trying to suppress her) . . . Too bad there's not a kind, fun, talented, charming, just-the-right-noise-level Megan personality. Although, she would be a pretty unstoppable force. So maybe it's good that all my different personalities have only a few good qualities. That way, I don't have a personality that's so incredible that people are intimidated by me. (hahahahahahahahaha)



Hello everyone! This is Esther (for reals, not the personality of Megan that thinks she is Esther) I just wanted to verify Megan's theory that we may all have multiple personalities by letting you all know that just a few moments after she read me this latest post I found myself cowering under a barrage of pillow beatings from Gan Nelson. She came out of nowhere! One second I was chatting with the wonderful, sweet Megan-who despite what she may think, has so many good qualities I can't number them-and the next minute Gan was upon me with the pillow beating. No harm was done, even Gan does not try to maim people, but she is definitely proof that there are, at least in the Halfway house, too many personalities and too few people to contain them all:)


Charity said...

darn you woman! i have now had that song in my head for the past two days. (ba-ba-baba-ba-ba-ba-baba I wanna be sedated...)

Pearlie Meg said...

And yet, strangely, I feel no remorse for this. ;)

the hills said...

i get such a kick out of your posts & then realized... i never comment, megan may be oblivious to the fact that i keep up on her life & am her favorite cousin of all time. (well i know you're not oblivious to that second part & are now fully aware that this is indeed your beloved kathryn.) but i have a blog now too! check me out! whoop!