Monday, May 10, 2010

Glad Songs Arise

Weekends with the family are always pretty fun, but this weekend was extra-special. Why? Because I (along with my mom, sister, and grandfather) got to play the Tabernacle organ in Salt Lake! Thanks to some music connections of my mother's, one of the organists stayed with my parents during his sojourn in Portland last weekend, and he invited my mother to come and play the organ when my parents were going to be in Utah. Needless to say, Mom knew that we would want to be a part of this. We met up at Temple Square on Friday morning and got to play!!!! Bro. Christianson seemed to have just as much fun as we did, running from side to side, pushing the different stops to show everyone the various sounds. What a great experience!

The rest of the weekend was spent at Kelly's, where family events took up the rest of the time. Gotta love it when your nieces and nephews are going crazy and wanting you to join in the fun.

Aww, look how cute.

In other news, still waiting on some consistent-ish weather to come Utah's way. Let me be more specific: consistent-ish nice weather. Good luck to us who wait.


"Oh, there are the usual things ... flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep." -Cogsworth 

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Marcene said...

Awesome! I still remember you playing the piano at the Kirkland temple way back when. What fun stories to tell your kids some day. Did you get video of it as well?