Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tell Me the Stories that I Love to Hear

It's an enormous understatement to say I like books, a fact that most of you well know. One of my favorite summer relaxing activities (this is inherited from my dad, i'm pretty sure) is just to sit outside and read a book. (I stress one of my favorite activities, because i like plenty of other activities, too.) And I think I've discovered a pretty good reason as to why some of my favorite books are my favorite books. I relate to different aspects of these characters! Lately, in perusing some of my lovingly worn tomes, I've discovered different quotes that remind me of myself and different situations I have found myself in. Examples follow.

#1 Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice
"How earnestly did she then wish that her former opinions had been more reasonable, her expressions more moderate! It would have spared her from explanations and professions which it was exceedingly awkward to give ..."

Now, I've never fallen in love with a guy I formerly professed to abhor and had to retract my previous opinions, but I've definitely had those moments when I've wished I hadn't expressed a negative opinion of something or someone so readily. It doesn't even have to mean that I was wrong or that I've changed my mind; it just means that I wish I'd kept my mouth shut more often.

#2 Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables
"'It's about Diana,' sobbed Anne luxuriously. 'I love Diana so, Marilla. I cannot ever live without her. But I know very well when we grow up that Diana will get married and go away and leave me. And oh, what shall I do? I hate her husband--I just hate him furiously.'"

I think I've managed to not hate my best friends' husbands. They're all decent chaps. In fact, it's quite easy not to hate them. It's harder not to like them, actually. So maybe that last sentence doesn't quite fit my attitude. But it's a humorous addition to a hilarious lamentation on Anne's part that makes even hard-nosed Marilla collapse in laughter. And I must admit, this line ran through my head when Esther told me she was engaged. I can live without her (and have done so for several months, in fact), but I just had that "best friend" sadness that comes along when you feel that your friends "go away and leave" you. They don't, really, but you know what I mean.

#3 Sarene, Elantris
"Unconsciously, she found herself judging his height. He's tall enough for me, she thought offhandedly, if only barely. Then, realizing what she was doing, she rolled her eyes. The entire world was toppling around her, and all she could do was size up the man walking next to her."

I think this one requires no explanation of how I relate to it.

#4 Margaret Hale, North and South
"'Where's the Pearl? Come, Margaret ...'"

" of the girls was stumbling over the apparently simple word 'a', uncertain what to call it. 'A, an indefinite article,' said Margaret, mildly."

Okay, first quote. Pearl? Hello, why do you think I call myself Pearlie Meg? Probably because Megan is a form of Margaret, which means "pearl". Case closed. Second quote. Margaret knows her grammar, and if I didn't know mine, I wouldn't have a job.

Now maybe some of those examples are stretching, but I have honestly thought of myself when reading those particular passages. And if it's true that I really am like these literary heroines, I've got quite the combination of these guys coming my way.

I guess I can live with that.


"From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it." -Groucho Marx


Nathanael Davenport said...

You're a good blogger, Megan. I don't know what the heck to blog about! "Gee, sho is windy 'round here in Nebrasky..." That would be today's blog for me. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that.

Sylvia said...

Seriously, good luck with that. All 3 in one? Yikes.

hr said...

Watch out for the last one... he looks like he is the type that might have claws

Bronson said...

With sideburns like those two have, they are both sure to be a win. ;)

Pearlie Meg said...

What is it with guys and sideburns? :)