Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cold Feet

It's officially cold. I'm wearing scarfs, sweaters, and gloves, and I used the rice bag last night to warm my feet as I went to sleep. (thank you again, becky!) It's a good thing I look cute in winter accessories; there's got to be an upside to bundling up. Gotta keep warm, gotta keep warm.

I moved into my new office last week! Hooray! No, not a promotion or anything; the space was just freed up. I was pretty happy about the move. Now I don't have to look like a deviant looking through other people's offices just to take a look outside. Granted, my view isn't incredibly amazing ... there's a nice cement wall ... but I can see the sky. Lots of fun new things in my life these days. It all adds up to me being amazingly blessed.

Last weekend I took a jaunt to BYU campus and attended the Women's/Men's Chorus concert. They both sounded awesome, and I did feel a tad sentimental when the Women's Chorus took their place on stage. Naturally, the people in the audience only ever truly come for the Men's Chorus, as evidenced by the numerous cheers that rang through the hall when their turn came around. They sang some beautiful sets, as well as finishing off with a rousing, riveting, and ridiculous set that included "I Know An Old Lady" (yes, the one who swallows a fly). Boys acting silly and singing (yes, i'm looking at you, glen) ... makes for a great end to a fantastic concert.


"Our pens have turned into ink-sicles!" -Rat Clerks in Muppet Christmas Carol

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Glen said...

You didn't mention the rousing chorus of "Mud, mud, glorious mud!" That was the best part!