Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Put a Spell On You

If my Halloween costume looks slightly familiar to my regular readers, it's because it is. I had no desire to go searching for a different outfit after the time I took to find a dress for the murder mystery dinner a few weeks ago, so I was just the 30's Hollywood star again. I got many varying guesses about what exactly I was, too. I was just too generic to be a specific person, but not generic enough so that people automatically knew what era I was representing. Oh, well. What matters is that my feet were killing me by 10 p.m. because I'd been wearing those heels since 7 a.m. ;)

Me and the roomies before hitting the parties

Only because I think this is adorable

The office has changed a lot this last year, so Halloween wasn't quite the spooktacular it historically has been, but that's all right. Still managed to drink my way through four cups of hot chocolate (the sweets fast ended two days previous) and tie with Sylvia for the best costumes, although I think she should have been the sole winner of the Swedish fish. The owl with the red cape alone put her Briar Rose look far above my costume.

"Once upon a dream."


That night, the roomies and I (plus paul) headed to a couple of Halloween parties hosted by friends in the ward, which were both very fun. (i especially enjoyed bronson and jason singing to the soundtrack of "dr. horrible's sing-along-blog". natural performers.) We finished the evening by watching The Scarlet Pimpernel (not exactly a halloween-ish movie, is it?), but I was so tired that I made it only halfway before heading to bed. Mmm, sleep.

Guess the Disney princess look is "in". Beautiful Jen.

Dr. Horrible, aka Bronson, agrees to a photo op.

Jason was a tad too realistic as a zombie.

 Oh, the humanity.

Maybe I'm childish this way, but I still have a lot of fun dressing up for Halloween. I generally decide at the last minute what I'll be, but it's fun putting something together and looking not-quite-myself. And I always love seeing what other people become. I think all my roommates looked particularly excellent: Betsey as Princess Lolly, Lisa as a fairy, and Sarah as Cleopatra. You all looked amazing, girls!

And Danny gets the prize for most surprising costume.

 Paul as the Goblin King, i.e. David Bowie, and Tiffany as Lady Gaga
How ... cute? (they looked awesome)

In other news, the old car has been sold! Don't worry, Lisa, I found it a good home.


"Peace! But not ... literally." -Dr. Horrible

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Looks like your friend Danny goes to the same tanning booth as me.
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