Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

You know how sometimes it's fun to "people watch"? Not in the sense that you're staring at complete strangers and making them very uncomfortable, of course, but to just watch trends in behavior and such. I've never been much of a people watch-er, but goodness, when I do, I sure enjoy trying to figure out the relationships between the people. Dating, engaged, married, getting-away-from-children-for-a-night, older gents and ladies, etc.

Glen and I were given front-row seats to a VERY obvious first date yesterday afternoon. It was almost laughable to observe. Topics covered included family locations, favorite music, and my personal favorite in the thought-provoking-question category, "What class do you want to take that you haven't?" (answer: "martial arts" -- he's a keeper, honey)

I tried to laugh discreetly with Glen once I discovered what was going on, and I sure hope I was successful. However, I'm pretty sure that the girl was so intent on asking question after question that she wasn't paying much attention to the couple at the other end of the table ("the couple" being us). If there was something to be improved upon, it was the fact that the guy was hardly asking her questions back. We considered slipping him a note with that suggestion for about two seconds, but we refrained. However, if he's hoping for continual dates with the same girl, he's going to have to ask questions about her.

Ah, the world of first dates ... I don't miss it.

(and now i wonder if anybody was observing glen and me ...)

 Awkward first date? Maybe not.


"Don't accept rides from strange men, and remember that all men are strange." -Robin Morgan


Glen said...

I think my favorite part was "Maybe I should tell you some of my favorite bands:" after which he proceeded to list off several bands (and not leaving room for her response, or asking her.) But hey, you have to give him credit, he picked a good place go to eat.

Charity said...

Ha ha, I had a similar experience at a restaurant with my mom - I overheard what totally sounded like a first date conversation, all the "What's your favorite..." questions, etc. Strangest one? "What has been your biggest tragedy in your life?" ... um, yeah, like that's a great conversation topic. Anyway, it got weirder though, when we realized they were actually both married (they started discussing their spouses) ... and I was like, what kind of lunch date is this?! I don't know if it was a coworker thing or what, but boy was it strange.

tom + lisa said...

megan, do you even listen to the doors?

Peter said...

He could've asked the question I always ask, "Is there anything else you want to know about me?" Also, there's the classic, "What are the top 5 traits that I have that are particularly awesome and attractive to you?"