Friday, July 8, 2011

Catch a Wave

Bear with me as I go backwards in time.

For the honeymoon, Glen and I headed to Lincoln City, where we stayed at a condo that was right on the beach. Fabulous. One night when the tide was high, I turned all the lights off; from my perspective, I couldn't even see the beach, just the water as it crashed along. So. Cool.

The weather was a tad chilly, which wasn't a big surprise, but we did take a stroll each morning along the beach, where Glen was introduced the frigid cold Pacific. I'm not sure exactly how he felt about his toes going numb as we walked along, but he was a good sport. He was pretty excited to build sandcastles and find perfect skipping rocks (too bad the ocean is not the place to actually skip rocks).

 Wooden post on beach = crane stance

Seeing as how Oregon is my neck of the woods, Glen got to experience a taste of a couple of Jensen traditions: Mo's and Read's. I will readily admit that Mo's is not the greatest of seafood restaurants, but it's got personality and history, so no trip to the Oregon Coast is quite complete without a visit. And we're still working our way through the salt water taffy we bought at Read's ... mainly because we're trying to make a quality product last. :)

 Glen's creation

Other than that, we really spent the honeymoon relaxing. A little while before, we had begun reading Lord of the Rings together, so we finished Fellowship while at the beach, as well as reading a couple of books on our own. We also took advantage of the hot tub on the deck, which provided us with an opportunity to actually use our swimsuits and see the beautiful beach at the same time. Thank you, hot tub.

 Our view of the beach from the hot tub. Awesome.

And if ever you're in Lincoln City looking for a good place to get a yummy pizza, try Humble Pie. It's dinky. But the pizza is excellent.

Successful honeymoon. And I'd like to thank my body for not getting sick until after it was over.

 Awww, they're playing footsies


"I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." -Rita Rudner

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Jim Layton said...

Lincoln Beach was one of our favorites the summer of 1968, when we (the Layton's including Joan Merrell) lived in Portland. But just to check on the legitimacy of Glen's genes: Did he change the path of a stream flowing across the beach? That was our favorite beach sport.