Friday, August 19, 2011

Accentuate the Positive

If memory serves, I wrote a post about a show that Glen and I would be participating in and singing some good ol' Gilbert and Sullivan. Well, the show, entitled Accentuate the Positive, is past and gone, and life is back to being a little less crazy. The last couple of weeks before the performances were a tad nuts, especially with the trips to Payson through the interminable construction that is I-15 in Utah county. People really need to learn how to merge.

There was a bit of shuffling going on through the rehearsal process, during which I suddenly (and completely unexpectedly) was assigned the part of Mabel for the "Pirates" section. -cue large megan eyes- Glen ended up being our Pirate King, and he's just enough of a ham (maybe barely, teehee) that he pulled it off exceptionally well. There ended up being a running joke amongst some of the cast about the fact that I had to sing to and flirt with a guy other than my husband, but we all know whom I went home with. Just couldn't resist the red velvet jacket with the lacy cuffs.

And the hats were fantastic.

Glen's barbershop group was a hit, as well. They sang between sections of the show, and no one could deny they did a fantastic job. I hope they keep singing together, because Glen loves ... loves ... LOVES ... singing barbershop. I hope this doesn't become a reason for jealousy.

Inevitably, there were hiccups during performances, but everybody did really well, and the biggest miracle of my stage "career" occurred: I made people laugh! On purpose! I remember trying to be "funny" during my little bit parts in high school, and it never translated too well to the audience. (and thus begin the placating comments about how talented i really was ... really, guys, comedy was never my strong suit.) So, yes, I was able to sing "Poor Wandering One" without my voice cracking, but the true satisfactory moment for me was the first time the audience laughed at my antics.

Ah, the theater, the theater. What has happened to the theater?


"Working in the theater has a lot in common with unemployment." -Arthur Gingold


Aimee said...

I wish we could have come and seen you guys in this!!! I would have loved seeing you guys perform on stage. And... for some odd reason it's not really hard for me to imagine Glen hamming it up! Weird.

Kathy said...

Glad to finally see pictures! I'm sorry we couldn't see it, either.

the hills said...

i too wish we could have seen it! sounds marvelous. & you could not be more right about i-15 to payson. we did it yesterday & i just about died. turrible.

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