Friday, August 12, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Another month has passed us by, and I have not written anything. I guess that could be a good thing, since you all could assume my lack of posting equals a lack of wasting my summer on a computer. (in fact, go ahead and make that assumption.) I admit, though, it's hard to feel that way when I spend eight hours on the computer each day because of work.

Speaking of work, I've been working from home now for the last three weeks, and it seems to be going all right. There are still aspects of working at an actual office that I miss, but it hasn't been too terrible. The hardest part so far is motivating myself to still get out of bed early enough so I don't work in my pajamas.

Days Begun in Pajamas: 12
Days Showered and Dressed: 3

Our home has become a computer zone (four computers ... yeesh), which I will say now does not thrill me in the least. I may be getting rid of my crazy laptop, but that's the only one that looks like it could get the shaft. We got a little desk for Glen's desktop so that he wouldn't have to write papers on the floor come school-time, so we've got a funny little set-up on the western wall on the office, but it works for us. So far.

My little work space ... it actually is a lot more organized than it looks.

 Lovebird desk set-up

The purchase of Glen's computer desk was part of a "date" night" shopping trip that took us to various locations as we attempted to figure out a way to organize the office closet. Fortunately, we found some shelves that fit the bill, and once they were set up and put in, I was suddenly a much more happy girl. Thank goodness our closet no longer looks like the mass hysteria that is my piles of music.

 Music that still needs a home. Our entire office used to look like this.

Hooray! I can find things in the closet again!

If only my parents had visited after this organizational evening; I wouldn't have been so ashamed to have them spend the night.


"If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?" -Laurence J. Peter


Esther said...

are we like living the same life or something?

Kathy said...

lookin' better! and we loved being with you for the night, so no worries. hey - see if you can switch the getting dressed with the days in pj's. :)

and wear makeup and mascara - (even in pj's)! good for you, good for marriage.