Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Here Baby, There Mama, Everywhere Daddy Daddy

Good heavens, when did it get to be September?!? It already has been for a week and a half, but I suppose I just wasn't paying too much attention.

Isaac Update: He's a funny child. His latest habit is to shake his head at us, particularly when he's cheerful. The other day Glen started to shake his head back, and it almost seemed like Isaac was imitating him. It was pretty funny to watch them during dinner, just shaking their heads at each other. Isaac sure likes his daddy.

On top of the world

Sometimes I think he likes me, too, no matter how much more boring I am than Glen. My favorite sound from him is his laugh. When he began laughing a few months ago, it was a very wheezy sound, and he still laughs like that when he's mildly entertained by something. But he's got a fantastic new laugh when he's being tickled that doesn't cease to make me laugh in turn. It's kind of hard to describe, but it is a sound of pure, uncontrollable joy. Maybe some time we'll get it on camera so you can hear it, too.

 Anything that makes noise, he likes

He makes the funniest faces at us, as well, mainly because he still only has two teeth. He begins sucking and chewing on his lips in bizarre ways, and he looks like a little fish. I know it wouldn't look as funny if he had a full set of teeth, so I'd better capture these faces while I've still got the chance. Problem is, he tends to make faces when the camera is on another floor. Clever, kiddo.

And another thing that's snuck up on me is his hair! He actually has hair! He was never completely bald (like his mother), but now hair is well and truly starting to cover up his head! There are even some strands long enough to overtake his ears. It makes me kind of wonder how long I'll let his hair become before his first haircut. (sob!)

Similar to "Super Baby", he loves being upside down

Seriously, why is it that babies stop performing when the camera is turned on? While Glen is eating breakfast, Isaac is cooing and squealing and making fun sounds that I want others to be able to hear, but I know that the instant I go downstairs and turn the camera on, he'll just look at me and do nothing. So there are things he does that you may never get to see. Unless you come to Roosevelt. Come to Roosevelt! You'll have fun watching my amazingly hilarious little boy as he puts everything in his mouth but food.


"I get a lot of cracks about my hair, mainly from men who don't have any." -Ann Richards

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