Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Leaves Will Change

A couple weekends this month we've been able to see some friends, which has been awesome for my nomadic existence.

We love seeing his little belly

We took a very quick trip to Provo (about a total of 24 hours) on what turned out to be BYU's Homecoming weekend, which gave us pause, but we did manage to avoid any yucky traffic. In addition to seeing friends, our trip also meant I was able to visit Target (oh, the crazy things i miss -- walmart will never replace you in my heart, target). And India Palace. I'd been craving Indian food for a couple weeks before we went, and mmmmm . . . it satisfied my appetite generously. We got to visit with the Mechams and the Lawlors, and it was so fun to visit with our pals and see how much their kids are growing!

 At Bluebell's Corn Maze

The next weekend Megan came out to visit, which was so awesome of her to make that drive for the day! It was all her idea, too, which made me feel special. We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to visit a local corn maze and pumpkin patch, which was pretty fun. Isaac was in the midst of a big tooth coming in, so there were points he wasn't enjoying himself too much, but we had a great time anyway. And we were all ready for a nap once we got back from the patch and lunch at Marion's. Good thing Megan didn't fall asleep on her way back to Orem.

Let's hope Isaac likes pumpkins better next year.

 A first impression of ice cold water (he actually wasn't crying; this picture just gives that impression)

They mock my sugar fast with a milkshake

Extremely happy to be feeding a baby. Maybe excessively so?

See how fun it is to visit us? We can guarantee that Isaac will like you by the time you leave. :)


"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie." -Jim Davis

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