Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Oh, the stupid things I willingly do at work. Today after team meeting, I ate an habanero pepper in front of the office. Talk about agony! (misery! woe!) Three of my co-workers partook, as well. But I'm pretty sure my reaction to it was the most entertaining, much to my eternal shame. My boss really likes spicy things, and I guess he feels like we all need to be initiated this way. I don't know, but he started goading me about it a couple days ago, so I just decided to do it. A completely unpleasant experience. No one could ever pay me enough to EVER do that again. I was in utter misery throughout my entire being for at least an hour and a half (lying down in my cubicle for half an hour, too--that felt good). I won't go into the gory details, because I'm sure I already mortified my parents (or at least my mom) by emailing them all about it. But please, for your own sake, never eat one of those things. You will most definitely not enjoy it. But you may enjoy these lovely pictures that Brett took to commemorate the event (note my red, red face)!


Christopher said...

You're crazy... That is a great story though. You look in so much pain in your photos

Megan said...

Well, that would be because I WAS in pain. Never ever again.