Monday, April 21, 2008

You Raise Me Up

Hey, I just barely posted! Wow, I never post this quickly. Interesting. Anyway, this is just a quick note to once again state my appreciation for my fabulous family and friends. I got to talk to Mom and Dad last night for awhile, and I haven't done that with both of them in way too long, because I am an awful daughter. So I'm grateful that we were able to catch up and that Dad knows I'm not going to be living in a cardboard box in a couple of days. My parents are awesome; that's all there is to it.

My friends are pretty freakin' sweet, too. Hayley's birthday was on Friday, so she, her best friend Keri, Justin Walker, and I went up to Sandy to the Mayan to "celebrate", and we had a good time eating the lemon meringue pie and playing UNO while we were waiting to be seated. So cool--"Turley, party of four, your adventure is ready to begin." Hayley's pretty awesome, and I will definitely miss her when I move out.

Saturday, after cleaning out a whole bunch of stuff that I don't use (an entire trunkful of stuff given to DI--wow), a few girls from my ward went out to dinner (again, the theme of the month is "go out") for Christine's "bridal shower dinner". She's not having a real bridal shower here, so we just took the excuse to go out to dinner. After dinner, Hayley and I stuck around the Riverwoods and looked in the shops. Can I just admit to loving Williams-Sonoma? I never would buy anything there at this point in my life, but I love it. Is it bad to drool over pots and pans?

It was my last Sunday in the 72nd ward yesterday, and for the practice hymn, I chose "Each Life That Touches Ours for Good", so I got to share some thoughts about that and how good it is to have those important influences in our lives--friends and family. It's kind of a goodbye-ish hymn, so it was particularly poignant for me. No tears (shock!), but I have had a pretty good time in this ward with these particular people.

So maybe we should all be a little more thankful for those good friends and wonderful family members we have in our lives and show them our appreciation a little more often. This is something that I have to realize over and over again, so shame on me for forgetting every once in a while. But when you have a minute, really think about the people who let you depend on them when you're having difficult times, because they are people very much worth keeping in your life. And be one of those people yourself. I definitely will. (at least, i'll try to be better than i have been)

Megan's Favorite Quote of the Day: "Hey, Pam? Will you wait for me . . . for a second so I can tie my shoe?" -dang Jim Halpert (for those "Office" lovers who loved that scene)

With affection and alliteration, Megan.

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