Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fly Me to the Moon (or canyons)

All hail the intrepid explorers! I and my little gang went down to St. George to enjoy the three-day weekend and go hiking around the (somewhat) nearby canyons. Good weekend. Tiring, but good. None of us were particularly excited for the drive, but three and a half hours isn’t really that long. We got down to St. George Friday night and settled in at my grandparents’ house (“settled in” meaning we bought food and assigned bedrooms). Woot for free lodging!

Saturday took us out to Bryce Canyon, where we enjoyed every possible kind of weather there is within a matter of an hour. The boys were in one car and we girls were in the other, entertaining the shuttle bus behind us while we rocked out to the music. The canyon was incredibly gorgeous and very cool. We stopped so many times to take pictures . . . and to wrestle backpacks away from each other (too bad I lost that game, but it’s hard to win when Kelly, Becky, and Esther gang up on you). The best pictures were most likely of Jeremie, who, in true Jeremie fashion, never passed up an opportunity for a silly Kodak moment. All in all, we hiked there for about five and a half hours and were totally dead by the time we got back to St. George that night. However, that didn’t stop us from eating our fill at Olive Garden. Mmm, salad.

Sunday we went to a nearby family ward, which was totally full! It was like attending a stake conference! The six of us got to squish up next to each other on the bench, so it’s a good thing we’re all friends, right? The rest of the day was pretty lazy, but we went down to the temple grounds, walked around, and took pictures where we actually look decent. After that, we went back to the house and made a birthday cake for Steve, which then ended up being used as weaponry as Kelly and I started flinging chocolate frosting at each other.

The truly unfortunate occurrence of the weekend was that the weather went cruddy again on Monday, which meant we couldn’t do the hikes at Zion National Park that we wanted to. So it was an earlier arrival back in Provo than we originally anticipated, but that’s okay. We still had a good weekend all together, and I was happy that there were no major catastrophes on the trip.

Key Phrases of the Weekend: “Chihuahua.” “Go ahead, merge! I’m only imploding!” “It’s good!”

With affection and alliteration, Me.


Charity said...

Looks like fun, Megan. We need to hang out... a little ELang club reunion... this is sad, but I can't remember the name of our little posse? Something about subway sandwiches?

tom, lisa, jack, and one more soon said...

love the pictures meg, very photogenic even in a baseball cap!