Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up . . . maybe

The weather here has continued to prove an enigma. We had a massive rainstorm last week that was, in all honesty, very cool, but completely clear skies persist in eluding us. It’s definitely warmed up, and we have had a couple of days of blue sky, but nothing terribly consistent. It’s supposed to be nice the next few days, so I’m hoping the weather forecast isn’t deceiving me (haha, spelling “deceiving” made me think of Brian Regan). Especially since Esther and I are hoping to host an outdoor activity on Saturday (a bbq) in our backyard.

Mom and Dad were in Utah last weekend, and I was very happy to see them. They came down to Provo, took me out to dinner (Thai Ruby; becky was proud of me), so that was nice. The next day I went up to Salt Lake to have dinner at my uncle’s house. After dinner, my parents, sister, aunt, cousin, and I went to my uncle’s concert, where he was singing the oratorio “Elijah” with a choir. It was very excellent, and I actually recognized more music from it than I thought I would. Nobody knows that particular oratorio, but it’s really neat. It inspired both Mom and me to re-read the parts of 1st and 2nd Kings that talk about Elijah. Pretty neat, especially when he makes fun of the priests of Baal. “Maybe he’s on vacation, maybe he’s sleeping. Call louder!” (my paraphrasing there is extremely liberal.)

Mother’s Day I spent at my sister’s place in Clinton, where I got to feel all special as Nicole and Jake argued over who got to sit next to “fun aunt Megan” (all right, the “fun” in there might have been my imagination). My niece Ali just turned one and is totally adorable. All you have to do is stand her up as if helping her walk (which she doesn’t do yet) and she just laughs! It’s amazing! I’ve got cute nieces and nephews. I’ve just got a terrific family, as I realized yet again last weekend and yesterday while I chatted with my Grandma Kelly for close to half an hour.

Watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring last night at Kelly and Jeremie’s place. Wow, I haven’t watched that one in a long time, and I’m not sure I’d ever seen the full extended version, just parts. Lord of the Rings is not exactly a movie trilogy you can watch a lot within a short amount of time. And Fellowship always makes me a tad jumpy, because there are so many times when you don’t know who’s around the corner, waiting to stab you with a Morgul blade. (what a nerdy reference) But it was fun. We’re probably going to watch Two Towers next week.

In closing, let me leave you this scholarly tip: “No, Brian. It’s I before E except after C, and when sounding like A, as in neighbor and way, and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May, and you’ll always be wrong, no matter what you say!

With affection and alliteration, Megan.

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