Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Beauty, The Splendor, The Wonder of My Hair

Thank goodness this three-day weekend was good! I always am afraid I'm going to waste my extra time, but I did all right this time around. The one disappointing thing was that I didn't get to see my grandparents like I almost did (they came into Provo for the football game), but you win some, you lose some. But yeah, good weekend all around! Yay!

Friday evening wasn't anything overly special, but I did get to see my friend Andrew, who is a friend from back home and I haven't talked to for a few months. Yay for friends! Speaking of friends, what made Saturday really awesome was that I got to see Carol! She came down from Logan with her roommate and a couple of friends to hike around Timp, but she wasn't feeling so hot, so she dropped them off so they could hike and came down to Provo and dropped in on me! I was really excited to see her. We went to lunch and chatted and caught up from the last couple of months. I should really take the time to head to Logan to visit her, though. She's great, and I'm always really glad to hear from her. I also watched the first half of the football game, which was excellent before going out to dinner (i know, i know, my resolution to stop eating out! but i didn't pay this time) with Kelly. The Chinese made us both feel a little gross, though. Oh well. I survived, and after seeing him crash on his couch, I'm sure he found a way to survive, too.

Sunday I drove up to Salt Lake to my uncle Floyd's for my cousin Tina's daughter's blessing. Lots of people, and most of them I didn't know because they were Sam's family, but it was fun. Kelly and Nate and the kids came down from Clinton, and Nicole was my little tag-along, which was kind of cool except when she got mad that I played frisbee with Jake and Andrew. Oh, well. After being with the family, I headed over to Stansbury Park, where Esther had been for the weekend. We were going to go hiking yesterday (Monday) around there, but the weather decided to interfere with our wonderful plans. The storm hit around 5 or so (which is, of course, when I was driving to Stansbury) and continued until yesterday morning. So no hiking for us.

So that was also an unfortunate turn of events, not to hike, but it was nice to have a lazy day at the Morris residence. We had BLTs for lunch (yum!) and watched a movie, played with Sparky, and highlighted my hair! I haven't highlighted my hair in several years, and it's never particularly fun to go through the torture of that ridiculous-looking cap, but we got through all right, and were all pleased with the final result. Woohoo! All in all, Labor Day was a very relaxing day. And the entire weekend was just good. Made me happy.

So this is the lighter hair. Wa-hoo.

Quote of the Day: "Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts." -Jim Morrison



tom, lisa, jack, and lucy said...

ow ow, i like the hair! it turned out WAY better than my last cap experience (maybe that's because i let your brother do it-- mental note, stick to the girlfriends for that kind of help, or at least the very effeminate man-friends.)

Charity said...

Looking good! I like the highlights. :)