Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage . . .

The happy times continue to roll forth, which is probably a good thing. Last weekend, my cousin Brett got married in Salt Lake, so lots of family members came out for that, which was totally awesome. We had a family dinner the night before the wedding at my cousin Ryan's house (brett's older brother), and it was really fun to see everyone and catch up with my cousins that I rarely ever see (even the ones that live in provo . . . oops!). And my parents, too. (oops again) The food was yummy, especially the dessert crepes we had. Oh, to die for. I'm shocked that I managed to stop after only one. One of the few times my willpower won over my stomach! Amazing, really. The only not-fun part of the evening was the crazy traffic problems trying to get there. I am not joking when I say I passed SIX traffic accidents on the way there (and under good driving conditions, it wouldn't take me even an hour to get to Ryan's house). It was not a good night for Utah drivers, that's for sure.

The wedding was on Saturday, and so was the BYU-Utah football game (which we all kept track of via cell phone at the reception that evening . . . only my family, really), so I made sure I drove up to Salt Lake somewhat early so I wouldn't be caught in all the Provo traffic coming up to Salt Lake for the game (because heaven knows, there would have been a lot). It was kind of nice, though, being able to walk around Temple Square for awhile. Peaceful. I also walked down to the Gateway Mall, and by the time I was walking back up to the temple, my feet were clamoring for rest. That's what I get for making the mistake of wearing heels . . . all freaking day. I was standing and walking in them for about six hours or so. Not-so-happy feet. But everybody got to huddle together to keep warm outside while we waited for Brett and Jessica to come out, and my mom and I completely inadvertently matched each other perfectly. My sister came outside in her totally cute (but not matching) outfit to ask, "Why didn't anyone tell me?!?!" in good mock-indignant tones. But eventually the happy couple came out, and they were both just gorgeous and ecstatic, and it was really great. The reception that night was just more chance for all of us to chat with one another and eat some good food (and give my feet a rest . . . there were chairs, thank goodness!). So, all in all, a good family weekend, although my feet took a couple days to forgive me for the torture I put them through.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, my FHE group on Monday night played "Pin the Snood on the Turkey". I was in charge of the activity, and I was actually really excited to color in my print-out turkey. Sometimes it's fun to revert to childhood days and get to color and play little-kid games. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, and not just because I also took extra days off to make my Thanksgiving holiday even longer, and not just because the food is always good, but because it's a good time of year. I'm really trying to think about everything I'm grateful for, which is really a lot. Sometimes I think I'm totally spoiled (whereas Tom thinks it all the time), but hopefully I am not so ungrateful or selfish to be unwilling to share everything I have with others. I'm very blessed. So I am very thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

"An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day." -Irv Kupcinet

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." -Thornton Wilder


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