Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See that Girl, Watch that Scene

I declare us the dancing queens! Last week, we went salsa dancing, and it was awesome! What was especially great was that the guys were actually asking us, the girls, to dance! Amazing when that happens. Not that I'm especially great at the dancing part yet, but I think I did okay. I'm pretty sure Esther did, too, because I saw her spinning around like a top at one point. Pretty entertaining. Also very tiring. We didn't go to sleep until close to 2 that night. Needless to say, Friday at work was especially long for us poor, tired folk. When we got to that evening, trying to watch "The Two Towers" without falling asleep was quite the task.

I got to go to lunch with my friend Megan on Saturday, which was fun. It seems to be "tradition" for us to go to Red Lobster, but it was pretty funny when I suggested it and she was relieved that she didn't have to be the one to suggest it. It's always good to catch up with gal pals. That night, Esther and I braved the cold to drive out into the canyon and stand by a fire for about half an hour with some friends in the ward. I don't know what possessed Teresa to plan it, considering the lovely chill of winter around us, but at least it was an opportunity to do something.

Our bishopric was released on Sunday, so we've got a new set of guys. It will be good, I'm sure, but I was pretty sad. I really loved our old bishopric, mainly because they were under some weird impression that I was this really cool person. (Remember, Bro. Atwood did declare me queen!) Well, it shouldn't take too long for the new bishopric to figure out what a fantastic individual I am. (har) And on that note . . .

"The more things change, the more they remain . . . insane." -Michael Fry and T. Lewis


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