Saturday, January 31, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me

So, okay. I find it thoroughly annoying when I get sick within a semi-short amount of time. I had a lovely cold less than two months ago, and last week, I got caught with another one! I find that quite disgruntling. Fortunately, it's pretty much passed and I can speak without sounding like my nose is being slowly but surely squeezed by a vice. Ends up that it's a good thing that I blanked on the musical number I was supposed to get together for church last week, because there was no way I could have sung anything without sounding like a frog every time I opened my mouth last Sunday.

Last week we had another dance night, only this time it was a dance party held at the Birdhouse. Pretty fun, and quite a few people showed up. I only stayed for about an hour, but I did kind of wonder if all the Birdhouse girls were really all right with music blasting in their house all night long. I would have eventually wanted to go to sleep. Oh, well. I didn't hear any complaints from them.

Posing with Amy, Tasha, and Liz at the dance party

Earlier that same day, I met up with Kim and went bowling! Totally fun. And thank goodness my friends are just as bad at bowling as I am. What was amazing was that in our first game, we were totally dominating! Every time Kim made a strike, she would turn around with this incredulous look on her face, because bowling well is NOT typical for either of us. The second game was terrible in terms of our score, though, so clearly our moments of awesomeness and attractiveness were just that--moments. We went to Pudding on the Rice (scrumptious!) after bowling and gabbed away for another hour or so.
Friday night was extremely entertaining. Esther and I hosted a North and South night with a few girls in our ward. It ended up being a really awesome night, because about half the girls there hadn't seen it, and their reactions to everything were just priceless. I had to keep myself from laughing when it came to certain scenes because I knew how much they would love or hate something. (especially the last scene: i knew how happy they were all about to become, so i literally stuffed my face in my pillow to not laugh out loud.) Needless to say, they were all very happy we had invited (or forced, what you will) them to watch it.

What a bunch of girls.

Seems that going out to eat with old friends is becoming a trend. Last Saturday, I also went to lunch with my ELang pal Charity. (Mmm . . . California Pizza Kitchen) What's sad is that we live about eight blocks away from each other, but it's been nearly a year since we've seen each other face to face. I like the going-out-to-eat trend, but I don't like the not-seeing-friends-that-still-live-close-by trend. It's a stupid trend, and I need to get out of it. I also saw my friend Andrew earlier this week when we went to "Thoroughly Modern Millie" together on Tuesday. Good to see him and catch up on our lives, and also awesome to see "Thoroughly Modern Millie", which is such a toe-tapping musical for me. (i always want to get up there and tap with them.) Really fantastic production.

Hooray! Jeremie visited us, too.
(and was clearly very happy to do so)

The big news of this week is that Becky finally got the ring on her finger, so she and Noah are finally officially engaged. She picked up her wedding dress earlier this week, and she put it on for us and Paola on Thursday night before we went out for dessert to Gloria's (a "celebratory" event that esther paid for because she's been feeling very happy lately), so it's probably about time that she got the engagement ring. So it's all happy, and Esther and I bought tickets to go out to D.C. for their wedding in May. Lots of fun plans going on around the Halfway House as we try to integrate ourselves back into society.

"A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores." -Terry Pratchett


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