Friday, September 4, 2009

Movin' to the Country, Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches

There's something about my family that always perks me up. Even when I have to deal with the barrage of questions regarding my personal life ("so are you next, megan?" "any special guys in your life, megan?" "why aren't you married, megan?"), I still love being with my family. Good thing, too, considering I saw both sides of my extended family this last weekend. First the four-hour trek out to Grand Junction. Now I will take guesses on how many hours I actually spent in GJ. Anyone? Guesses? No? Seventeen hours. I gave Mom and Dad quite the laugh when we were driving through Spanish Fork Canyon on our way to Salt Lake and I made the comment, "Hey, I was here at this time yesterday!" Funny, but kind of sad. I would have loved to have stayed longer. (several of the family members were lobbying for us to stay, as well.) But the mere seventeen hours were quite excellent with the Kelly family, celebrating Dane and Aimee's marriage.

Once back in Utah and after a lovely wait on the freeway near Lehi where it took us nearly an hour to drive five miles, we got to Eric and Erin's wedding in Salt Lake (miraculously) on time, though the actual ceremony didn't start for another . . . 45 minutes, I think. Oh, well. Eric certainly had a joyous grin when Erin walked down that aisle, which I really enjoyed observing. (usually that's a good sign, eh?) I don't see the Jensen family very often (and whose fault is that, megan? -hanging head in shame-), but I heard several opinions that it would be a good idea to re-institute the Jensen family beach trips. Maybe next summer. That would be cool. Any takers?

Last night I got to play "hostess" to my former roommates, which was totally fun and wonderful. (okay, maybe noah isn't technically a former roommate, but considering how much we saw him when he and becky were dating/engaged, he basically counts.) After a race downstairs to my bedroom, prompted by my request that someone get my desk chair (esther won that race and locked me out of my own bedroom! tsk, tsk), we had a scrumptious dinner and then an excellent dessert. I was especially excited for dessert (who isn't, really?) because it was the first peach cobbler I've made this year. Mmm. Love me my peach cobbler. And with fresh peaches, it's even better! Anyway, the whole evening was nice, seeing my girls (and guy), eating way too much food, and watching the newest BBC version of Sense and Sensibility together (even the boy . . . gotta love him . . . and becky does).

In other news: three-day weekend! No idea what I will do, but yay!


"Never judge a book by its movie." -J.W. Eagan

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