Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes; Turn and Face the Strain

Lots of changes happening in my little corner of the world this last week. Wow! It's all pretty exciting, ranging from the very unimportant (getting a costco membership) to the life-changing (esther getting engaged!). We'll start with unimportant and go from there.

According to Sylvia, me getting a Costco membership means I'm a real adult. And while I think it's pretty darn cool that I finally broke down and can walk into Costco and buy something without following somebody else around like a puppy, I'm not certain that it says "real adult". At 25, I still don't think of myself as a real adult, whatever the heck that means. If/when I get married, will I think I'm a real adult? If/when I have children, will I think I'm a real adult? If I don't think of myself as one yet, maybe I'd better start getting myself there. Hmm. At least a Costco membership is a step in the right direction. (yay!!)

Okay, so it's not so much my life changing with Esther getting engaged, but her life is definitely changing, and it's pretty dang exciting. And quick, considering she's getting married in a month!!! Wow! So I get to put together a bridal shower for her and hope that we don't do anything to really embarrass her. She, Becky, and I went shopping yesterday for some extra little essentials she needs (not the dress; she already got that, but we got to see it . . . pretty!), and I gotta say -- it's a good thing she's excited, because trying to plan a wedding in a month's time has got to be stressful. Note to self: don't try it. (although i can definitely understand the advantages a quick engagement has to offer. hmm. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. i need a man first.)

Other recent events: Went to Becky's surprise birthday party on Sunday, and Noah was successful in actually surprising Becky with it, so that's fun. A miracle happened and this awesome girl in my ward, Whitney, volunteered to play for the ward choir for our Easter song, so I didn't even have to specifically ask anyone! (my pianist just transferred wards...) I was a winner once more at a work spirit event on Friday, with my Irish flag sugar cookies. The prize? A bag of cereal. Yum. And last but not least, I managed to drop from first place in our family Tournament Challenge to 22nd, so it was a good thing I got in my gloating time while I had the chance, although most of us got hurt by the Kansas upset. Life goes on.


"I try to take one day at a time - but sometimes several days attack me at once." -Jennifer Unlimited

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