Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank You For Being a Friend

There are some things in this life that will never change: my hatred of pickles, the days getting shorter during the winter, and Esther's view of Indian food as comfort food. Close to a month ago, she and I were chatting and out of the blue, she said, "So, Megan, the next time you're in the mood for Indian food, I'll tag along with you." Very sneaky, Esther, making me think it was actually my idea. So when she suggested we go to dinner last night, I figured we would go and have Indian food. She, however, was unsure of whether or not I had remembered her earlier hint (to which i respond, "Not remember? It's me, of all people!"), so when she asked me where we should go eat, I told her, "I thought we were having Indian food. Was I wrong?" She was very happy that was my response. And, even though I always eat too much when we go to India Palace or Bombay House (last night was india palace), I was happy that it was my response, as well.

Another thing that seems to be a constant in life is how Esther and I overlap. Before we met up for dinner, I was running errands, one of which was visiting the verizon store and (finally) getting my upgrade. When I showed my new phone to Esther, she pulled hers out that she got about a month ago, and lo and behold, it was the same phone! I remembered her showing me her new phone when she first got it, but I didn't realize it was the same one I picked. So then we had a nice discussion of all the things we seem to own in common . . . certain movies, books, clothes (not the same size, obviously), and now even our phones! We don't even live together any more and this happens! (although if we did still live together, i probably would have remembered what her phone was and picked a different one for myself.) I guess it just goes to show that great minds think alike . . . and so do ours.

from last winter . . . we went to a wedding reception and ended up dressing alike
NOT on purpose


"It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time." -Tallulah Bankhead

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