Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Get Around

Phew! Now that I've been back in Utah for a week, I guess it's about time I talked about the week I spent in Oregon. For any friends of mine in Oregon who might be a little annoyed with me that I didn't get in touch with you while I was there ... believe me, I had no extra time. It was a busy week. Really good and excellent, and I absolutely loved being with my family (even with the ten+ chilluns around), but it was pretty busy.

Mom wasted no time putting her daughters to work when we both arrived in Tualatin on Wednesday night. Thursday night was the pre-wedding family bbq, and there was prep work and errands and other last-minute things to be done. And then of course other family coming in. What fun! (that's not sarcastic, even though it could read that way.) And despite Mom's stressing, the bbq went off very well, and the weather was beautiful. (naturally.)

Lisa walks with Lucy

Gpa, Gma, Jami, Craig, Mom, Dad

Jami, the beautiful bride 

Friday was the wedding, and it was simply wonderful. Jami and Craig looked beautiful and dapper, respectively, and I'm so excited to have a new sister-in-law! Naturally I was a crybaby during the actual ceremony, but I blame Dad, who was directly in my line of sight and got pretty emotional himself. I had reassured the Hodgmans that I was fine before it started, but I knew that would change all too soon, even if I didn't inform them of that fact.

The reception that night was great, seeing familiar faces and catching up, and catering to Lexy and Ali's dancing whims between catching-up-times. It was a dessert bar, and quite considerately, there was a sugar-free table. We all admired that table, and then immediately headed over to the chocolate fountain. We like sugar in our family. And it came in handy once the line of people finally died down and the DJ really got things moving. I really wish I had pictures of all of us dancing fools, but that would have meant I didn't dance, myself. And I danced. And danced.

On the Waterfront. Yay, Portland!

Saturday was spent in Portland at Saturday Market and then to Lake Oswego for an art festival and then back to Portland to see The Lion King. Pretty dang cool. Actually, the day was hot, which is why I got a pretty nasty sunburn on the back of my neck, but The Lion King was really cool, and it was fun to see it with my family.

Sunday we headed down to Salem where my cousin Sam blessed his new daughter, Bristol. It's really neat to be present for those occasions. I get very used to seeing my family discuss sports and the ongoing BYU/Utah debate (hands down, byu beats all ... sorry steph) and all of us shouting to be heard, so to witness a more quiet and infinitely more spiritual side of my family is very special to me.

Jake shows me his treasures on the beach

Andrew's gotta run from the waves

Jack gets some air

Monday, we headed to the beach, and after many adventures on the road there, what with Mom forgetting the directions for getting into the rental house and blessing modern technology (in that you can check email from my parents' phones and get the instructions again), we arrived to a misty day at the Oregon Coast. I didn't mind that it was gray when we first arrived, but Mom was sure disappointed and worried it would be like that the rest of the time there. Suffice it to say, it wasn't.

 Ali doesn't play in the water, but she still likes the beach

Mom and her seestor Vicki

Tuesday was beautiful, and it was great spending the morning on the beach (even if it was a tad chilly) and then going to see Toy Story 3 in the afternoon. (which was awesome!!!!!!) Went to Mo's, of course, for lunch (after i had raised a stink about them planning to do so after i had skipped town), and then to Read's (and i forgot my seafoam in lincoln city! maybe someone else enjoyed it). It may not be the best fish 'n' chips or the best candy, but it's tradition, and because of our traditions, each of us knows who he is ... oops, went off on a Tevye moment there. Anyway, I'm glad we went.

 Kelly and Nerak, appropriately dressed

Nicole basks in the sun

Wednesday I headed back to Portland with the grandfolks, which was a fun little drive. Totally providential that our flights were five minutes apart from each other. I was glad for that time I got to spend one-on-two with them. They're pretty dang awesome. Upon arriving back in Utah, Becky picked me up and we attempted to find a Cracker Barrel for dinner, but either we missed it or the big billboard was wrong, because we couldn't find it (cue sad face). Oh, well. We still stopped for dinner, and Becky got to hear all about my week. Lucky her.

I knew this post would be too long. And I massively condensed it, too! Guess I'll just have to do better next time. All in all, it was a great trip home, being almost constantly on-the-go, and I'm going to say again that I'm really excited about my new sister-in-law! My family's awesome, Oregon's awesome, and I'm awesome. It's an awesome combination.


"We live in an age where pizza gets to your home before the police." -Jeff Marder


Anonymous said...

oh, yea - we're awesome! thanks for all the help and love all the pics.

Anonymous said...

oh, yea - we're awesome! thanks for all the help and love all the pics.

Julia said...

It's fun to hear about what you did. So glad you had fun! And it's good to see your lovely face again. :)