Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Want Candy

Gotta say ... I love desserts. I eat too many for my own good. In fact, I made myself sick on Monday after consuming ice cream not only by myself in the afternoon, but with Megan and Mashell that evening at Rock Canyon Park. (in my defense, the ice cream that night was practically forced upon me ... i just couldn't say no ... yeah, that's the truth.) (do you believe me?)

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa, Sharalyn, and I had a blast concocting some yummy ice cream treats, what with the four flavors of ice cream in our freezer, the multitude of toppings at hand, and the oreo's I'd bought earlier that week on a whim.

Didn't stop there. Crepes were the norm a few times. Lisa made dessert crepes two evenings in a row (the two evenings in a row directly following the ice cream night, in fact), and I managed to deny them the second evening, miraculously (but most definitely not the first). Then the next week, which was last week, Lisa, Betsey, and I headed to IHOP and all three of us got crepes ... plus some fun stories from our waiter about him getting into a pub brawl in Dublin.

You'd think I'd be sick of the sweets, but I guess I'm not. Last night I went to Cheesecake Factory with Jay. And you can't go to the Cheesecake Factory without getting dessert! Okay, you can, and I have before, but very rarely. (almost as rarely as i've gone to the cheesecake factory.)

I'm sure there are other sweets I've consumed in the last couple of weeks, but these are the most noteworthy. I'd like to make a vow and abstain (courteously) from sweets for a while, but I'm going on vacation and attending two weddings in Oregon in the next week, and I know I would just break my vow while there. Maybe I'll make the vow once I'm back.


"It's important to begin a search on a full stomach." -Henry Bromel

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Glen said...

Oh man, you make me wish I had ice cream. I think I'd have it on waffles though. I've never really mastered crepes.