Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

As we near the end of summer (can't believe it's the last day of august!), I'm glad that I finally got to go swimming. That's right, everyone. I didn't go swimming all summer! Whenever I tried to make plans to do it, they always fell through or the weather wasn't cooperating. So it was a slightly big deal when Saturday came around and I finally got in a pool!

Friday evening ended up being a girls' night in with Sharalyn. We made dinner, got some goodies, made cookies, and watched chick flicks. I haven't had a girls' night in like that in quite some time, and it was a nice, relaxing evening before the on-the-go nature of Saturday.

Lest you misunderstand my description of the day, allow me to clarify. Saturday was dang fun. After a pretty standard morning of errands and chores, I met up with some cousins and my aunt Vicki to go swimming at a family friend's in Orem. Thanks to my fair skin, I left three hours later with a sunburned back, but I didn't mind that much. Could have been worse. At least I put some sunscreen on when I first arrived, or it really would have been worse.

 Me and Alicia at the ward activity

Sharalyn enjoys some pizza

After swimming, I went home and immediately changed and left again for our ward activity. Swimming was a part of that activity, as well, but I was done being in my swimming suit by then. Among other things, we enjoyed some really delicious pizza, talked, and played volleyball. Betsey and I even sustained some injuries during a calamitous play in which Bro. Itri simultaneously collided with me while spiking the ball into Betsey's face. Nothing life-threatening, of course, but enough to make him feel guilty and sheepish when he greeted us Sunday morning. cue evil grin

 Julia, Katie, and Melinda look cute while Brady just looks like himself

Upon arrival at the ol' homestead from the ward activity, I got all "dolled up" to go for a girls' night out with Megan and Mashell. My hair wasn't too pleased with me, seeing as how I hadn't washed it for far too long and then had gone swimming and was then attempting to curl it and make it cute before going out. But it cooperated for the most part, and the three of us were looking mighty fine as we blasted Mariah Carey and Abba from the car during our ride to and from Spark.

 My reaction to Mashell's crazy online dating stories.
And I thought my dating life was messed up.

Needless to say, I had no trouble falling asleep on Saturday night.


"Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination." -Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes


VK said...

Was good to see you and share some stories. Those crazy cousins of yours got back in the pool for HORSE after you left. Then they headed up to the RB and found some pickup games of BBall until about 7:30.
I was exhausted for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey - glad you got to hit the Dowling's beautiful pool! I loved all the pics of the cousins playing bball.