Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out?

It's a usual trend that long weekends are never quite long enough. But we move along, accepting that sad fact, being happy in the knowledge that we made good use of our extra time.

Thursday evening (not technically the weekend, but close) Jay I went to the "Look Who's Talking" event of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. It's basically a preview night, when you choose a pavilion in the park and get a brief glimpse of several amazing storytellers in one sitting. They all have different styles and strengths, but all were just incredible. Great night.

Friday began the commandeering (voluntary on my part, just to be clear) of my time by Megan and Mashell. So fun. After going to dinner with my pal Tim, I headed over to their place for a movie night, during which we also made a midnight run to Macy's in our jammies and danced in the aisles.

 Mashell, Megan, Amber, and Sarah at Swiss Days

Saturday brought with it a fabulous pancake breakfast with the girls (and we ate probably about a third of the food prepared), then a brief break to head home and get ready for the day. Then it was off with the M's, new friend Amber, and new roommate Sarah to Swiss Days in Midway. Yodeling, wurst, fun market booths. It was a great way to spend the afternoon and early evening. Sweet teeth hit that night, and the M's and I satisfied our cravings for chocolate and caramel apples before watching another movie and then laughing through several viral videos.

 Soldier Hollow Championship spectators

Monday took us to Soldier Hollow for the Sheepdog Championship there. Wow. We got there at the beginning of the day, so it was an "early morning" for a holiday, but no worries. Watching the sheepdogs and their handlers round up and herd a bunch of idiotic sheep was pretty astounding (and at times, nerve-wracking as they raced against the clock). Dogs are pretty much awesome, as clearly demonstrated as we watched the trials, the duck herding, and the K-9 unit. And despite my best efforts, my face was very lovingly manhandled by the sun. Even a hat and multiple applications of sunscreen isn't always enough to protect you. Well, it's not always enough to protect me, at least.

Nerdy me in the morning before being burned

Thanks, Megan and Mashell, for letting me tag along on a fabulous stay-cation.


"Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably be a dog. sigh There's so little hope for advancement." -Snoopy


Anonymous said...

Sounds really really fun! I love those doggies, they're so smart. Did they look like T & T's new little border collie?

Jay said...

Thursday night was sooo good. Thanks for helping me check off an item on my 2010 "bucket list."