Monday, March 14, 2011

The Luckiest

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Some very high highs, a couple of not-so-wonderful lows. But the highs have definitely been great, so that's what I'm going to focus on today. I have just resigned myself to the idea that the next three months will probably be a succession of these highs and lows in greater concentration than in previous times of my life. But it'll be better in the end.

Anyway, to list ... highs.

-Have never lost my ring.
-Glen got a Pell grant and is now debt-free!
-Went dress shopping for a few days and bought a gorgeous dress (and glen is feeling tortured because he can't see it until june 11th).
-The rash on my forehead (which accompanies one of the lows, but skipping over that) is slowly and steadily improving and fading.
-Mom met Glen and approved. (there was no doubt about that happening.)
-Have told and re-told the proposal story to great effect.
-Made a trek out to GJ for the weekend and got to see lots of family.
-Made enough Thai food to feed about thirty people (and there weren't 30 of us) and didn't have to chop the jalapenos or the onions ... thank you, sweetie.
-Hot tubbed both nights in GJ. Beautiful. (and thanks, camille and brad)
-Drove around Colorado National Monument on a practically perfect day.
-Jimmer broke 50 points. (focusing on the good game, not the game that made me want to tear my eyes out.)
-Slept on about a quarter of a king-size bed.
-Had multiple people comment on how thin I am. (was i fat before? ... don't answer that.)
-Was with Glen for two full days straight and didn't get anywhere near being tired of him.

All in all, I'm a pretty lucky gal. Still lots to do (more than i realize, i'm sure), but feeling good and happy. Hooray!


"Tristan and Isolde were lucky to die when they did. They'd have been sick of all that rubbish in a year." -Robertson Davies


Glen said...

Nice Pictures. I like this list.

Emily said...

Fun! You two are such a cute couple! (Tyler proposed to me at the Colorado National Monument. :)It's so beautiful up there)

VK said...

Love the pictures. Good job!