Friday, April 20, 2012

Let the Memory Live Again

Picture this:

It's early 1996, you're 11 years old, and all you want to do after you come home from your ballet lesson is play solitaire on your family computer. (why? because computer solitaire is the coolest.) It's you and your 14-year-old brother at home, and he won't get off the computer. What do you do to make him move? Or rather, what does he coerce you into doing so that he will move? Observe.

I must have really liked solitaire.


p.s. Tom was nice enough to not post this video without my permission, and when he told me he had avoided the temptation, I responded that he should load the video so that my husband could at least see it. And then I figured, I get a laugh out of this, and I may as well let others do the same. (you don't see me posting the video link directly on facebook, though. i only post here because not many people read my blog.)

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